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    Change Management

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    Organizational Change Formula

    See attached files. The two files contain discussions of organizational change formula. They were based on the learners' experience working through a change initiative using the formula. They also explain how the change leader could have leveraged the formula to increase the likelihood of success in resisting change. Pleas

    Commenting on Implementing VISTA, Product Cost Reduction

    See attached files. The two files attached contain discussions of a change management project that went well and one that did not go well from two different learners. It also listed the factors that lead to the success or failure of the project. Please provide comments for both of these discussions pertaining to the follo

    Managing Organizational Change - EEOC

    An employee of 1995 Auto Corp. recently filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The charge states that 2 female employees in one of the nonunion satellite offices were subject to repeated and unwelcome sexual advances by their male supervisor who is on a work visa. The charge further states that the two wo

    Organizational Change/Cost Cutting during hard times.

    Implementing Organizational Change states that forging bonding relationships in an organization is critical to success. How would you do this in challenging economic times when cost-cutting measures must be implemented?

    Organizational Change in Supply Towards Decentralization

    See the attached file. This assignment requires to critically analyze literature relevant to Supply Management and produce a critical review/evaluation in a poster presentation. The poster presentation should include the following components: 1) a concise summary of key ideas/arguments in the assigned journal article; an

    Organizational Change and Factors Leading to Change

    Please help with the following problem regarding organizational change and factors leading to change. Provide at least 200 words in the posting. Select one of the four factors in leading change that you consider to be weak in an organization you have been involved with. Why do you think this was the case? How could this have

    Characteristics of Organizational Change Management

    What are the characteristics of an individual who is particularly effective at leading change? What characteristics are counterproductive? Is it possible to coach someone to be a better change agent? How would you accomplish this?

    Organizational Change

    The U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of race, gender, national origins, health status, cultural values, and so on. What benefits does this bring to attempts at organizational change, and what can be done to overcome any challenges associated with diversity? Support you answer with evidence and theory, as

    Organizational Change

    How would the scope of changeâ?"unit, department, or entire organizationâ?"alter the allocation of resources? Would you need as many steps in the organizational change process for one of limited scope as opposed to one of major scope? Explain why or why not.

    One External and One Internal Driver for Change

    Identify and describe at least one internal and one external driver for change within an organization. When considering the implementation of a new change, is it more beneficial for an organization to place more importance on internal drivers than external drivers? Do you agree with this or not?

    How did Mulally change Ford's organizational structure?

    How did Mulally change Ford's organizational structure? Ffor example, the form of its vertical and horizontal differentiation and integration? In what ways does he hope to increase performance by making these organizational design changes?

    Managing Organizational Change

    Discuss change management at General Motors. Include: Executive Summary (High-level summary of the key issues in the paper. ) Assessment/Diagnosis (What was done prior to the planning for change? ) Analysis of the Change Strategy (What was the change strategy?) Results/Outcomes (Compare the actual outcome with the exp

    Martha's Miscellaneous: Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

    Following are the income statements for Martha's Miscellaneous for 2008 and 2009 Martha's Miscellaneous Comparative Statements of Income and Retained Earnings 2009 2008 $Change %Change Sales revenue $700,000 $650,000 Cost of goods sold 500,000 455,000 Gross profit $200,000 $195,000 Payroll expense $50,000 $42,250

    Describe Burke's theory of organizational change

    According to change theory, change agents should foster career development by helping people to understand what they (a) are good at; (b) want in their work; and (c) desire concerning balance of work and other aspects of life.

    Analyzing Decisions in Business

    You have now prepared brief but important parts of a strategic plan, created budgeting instructions and budgets and Pro Forma Statements, and have had a chance to model a company's financial results under two different real-world scenarios. In a reflective paper, please answer the following questions: 1. What was the most dif

    Organizational Excellence

    Think of an opportunity for organizational change in an organization with which you are familiar. Define a change goal, and outline a strategy and process for accomplishing it. What roles might you play? What do you think are some of the key challenges facing human service organizations today? How well are our organ