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Organizational Change

The U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of race, gender, national origins, health status, cultural values, and so on. What benefits does this bring to attempts at organizational change, and what can be done to overcome any challenges associated with diversity? Support you answer with evidence and theory, as well as personal experience.

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By having an increasingly diverse workforce, this has many benefits that come with it as well as challenges when it comes to organizational change. The advantages are amazing. For example, when many minds come together, and unify in the midst of it, each of them empower others around them, and become transformational leaders in the process. This is because each of them are learning from their loved ones, and striving to inspire everyday, including doing excellent customer service. In my own experience, I have seen transformational leadership in ...

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This solution discussed organizational change due to the U.S. workforce becoming increasingly diverse.