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    Organizational Culture

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    Define organizational culture, including what makes up its composition. Where does it come from?

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    Organizational culture consists of many areas that are worth considering. They are symbolism, politics, human resource management, and structure within an organization. This also includes the people's attitudes, beliefs and values within the business itself. Organizational culture comes from anthropology and sociology, which is where culture is heavily studied and researched in order to understand an ethnic group from ancient times, or a current tribe to grasp ways in which they think, act, and behave in their own society. Every group evolves over time, and they have to learn to integrate individuals as a whole, and find ways to adapt effectively.

    Every culture has something symbolic, such as rituals, and this is prominent in the workplace. Organizations will find ways to make sure that they celebrate birthdays every year, which can become a once a month ordeal. For example, if it is a public school, then they will have in the teacher's lounge staff bringing in cake, pop, fruit, and so forth to celebrate the occasion. Some may go as far as bringing in a birthday card for the individuals they are celebrating on that given day of the month. They can also choose to have picnics at a historic location within their state. When this is done, this makes a person stand in awe of their workplace, and want to keep coming back. In essence, this becomes a motivator by having these rituals, and an increase of job satisfaction occurs as a result. Another option is to provide fake money to those and have a raffle for anyone who is on time everyday to the business, and then maybe at the end win something that is of value, such as a new television, or a plethora of food. Everyone loves food, especially around the holidays. Most businesses do not work around the holidays, but this too is symbolic as well. Some ...

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