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Change Management

Characteristics of Organizational Change Management

What are the characteristics of an individual who is particularly effective at leading change? What characteristics are counterproductive? Is it possible to coach someone to be a better change agent? How would you accomplish this?

Organizational Change

The U.S. workforce is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of race, gender, national origins, health status, cultural values, and so on. What benefits does this bring to attempts at organizational change, and what can be done to overcome any challenges associated with diversity? Support you answer with evidence and theory, as

Managing Organizational Change

Discuss change management at General Motors. Include: Executive Summary (High-level summary of the key issues in the paper. ) Assessment/Diagnosis (What was done prior to the planning for change? ) Analysis of the Change Strategy (What was the change strategy?) Results/Outcomes (Compare the actual outcome with the exp

Martha's Miscellaneous: Horizontal and Vertical Analysis

Following are the income statements for Martha's Miscellaneous for 2008 and 2009 Martha's Miscellaneous Comparative Statements of Income and Retained Earnings 2009 2008 $Change %Change Sales revenue $700,000 $650,000 Cost of goods sold 500,000 455,000 Gross profit $200,000 $195,000 Payroll expense $50,000 $42,250

Describe Burke's theory of organizational change

According to change theory, change agents should foster career development by helping people to understand what they (a) are good at; (b) want in their work; and (c) desire concerning balance of work and other aspects of life.

Analyzing Decisions in Business

You have now prepared brief but important parts of a strategic plan, created budgeting instructions and budgets and Pro Forma Statements, and have had a chance to model a company's financial results under two different real-world scenarios. In a reflective paper, please answer the following questions: 1. What was the most dif

Organizational Excellence

Think of an opportunity for organizational change in an organization with which you are familiar. Define a change goal, and outline a strategy and process for accomplishing it. What roles might you play? What do you think are some of the key challenges facing human service organizations today? How well are our organ

Concepts of O/B

You have been asked to create a report addressing the following three topics: Work Groups/Teams Keep in mind the "differences in the various media divisions of USA Today. Leadership What can Curley do to decrease these tangible differences between divisions? Is the "network" vision being communicated effectively an

Reduce Resistance to Organizational Development Change

Prepare a two-page report as an Organizational Development consultant professional answering the two points below: 1. Design and implement three strategies to reduce resistance to change in an organization. 2. Discuss the reasons for effectiveness of three suggested strategies you designed. (Why would each of these str

Data Base Mangement

In order for me to complete my final assignment I need your help in the below part: Write a 1-2 page paper that describes what database management systems are used at a workplace you choose and for what they are used. (Consider Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, and so on.) This paper should ad

Implementation plan for organizational change.

What would be tenets of an implementation plan for organizational change to enhance creativity and innovation? What are some management perspectives you can support with experience and appropriate source support that can effectively deal with change?

Handy Co: Change in estimate, change in entity, correction of errors

Handy Company purchased equipment that cost $750,000 on January 1, 2006. The entire cost was recorded as an expense. The equipment had a nine-year life and a $30,000 residual value. Handy uses the straight-line method to account for depreciation expense. The error was discovered on December 10, 2008. Handy is subject to a 4

Strategies for change: Position Paper on Change Intervention

Need assistance with preparing a position paper on a company, other than my own. The research should focus on determining what type of change intervention would be appropriate, and to write a proposal for implementing the change from the perspective of an outside change agent. Be sure to discuss the theme for intervention as wel

Change in Principle- Long-term Contracts

Pam Erickson Construction Company changed from the completed-contract to the percentage-of-completion method of accounting for long-term construction contracts during 2008. For tax purposes, the company employs the completed-contract method and will continue this approach in the future. (Hint: Adjust all tax consequences through

Management of Organizational Change

Dear Sir/Madam. I follow the MBA course in VietNam at the moment, and I got this article from my teacher . ( it's not the assignment, so I myself think it's fine to ask for your help .) After I read this article, I have some question that need you to explain clearly for me. - The force of change that were evident at Novel ?