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    field theory

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    Please help with the following problems.

    1. Explain how Hank Greenberg can use small-group theory in dealing with resistance to the change.

    2. According to field theory, what are the positive and negative forces in this situation?

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    1.Creating buy in and enthusiasm is the most important step in change. In this case, the department head, Herman Wells is already against the project. The alternatives, get him onboard or find a new leader to lead the group forward is the issue. Small groups often have their own language, symbols, and communication styles.

    First, the new project director must gain information and knowledge about how these work within this group.
    Before the meeting, Greenburg should meet with Wells. His strategy is to convince Wells that the new changes will help Wells gain more influence by learning the new system and making suggestions about the use of it. One tactic would be to convince him that the new system gives Wells an opportunity ...

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