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Kirt Lewin's Field Theory

Kurt Lewin Field Theory

Analyze the major themes of your selected theories.

Identify the individuals associated with your selected theories.

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Kurt Lewin's Field Theory

Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) was educated in Berlin when Gestalt psychology was the predominant influence. However, unlike the Gestalt views on perception and thoughts, he focused on personality and Social Psychology. Lewin wrote his ground-breaking work in his book, "A Dynamic Personality" was written in 1935. Lewis observed behavior to formulate his views of the personality. Thus, he became well known for his theoretical contributions that considered the personality as developing within a field of multiple vectors., the individual endowment, the impact of the cultural Zeitgeist and that one's personality is a unique entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Lewin's concept of life space was based ...

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This solution discusses the Lewin's view of the personality as prescribed in his Field theory.