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Change Management

The Nature of Organizational Change

Focus primarily on the major change that is taking place at Verizon under CEO McAdam. Some of the issues to include: (a) his new vision/goals strategies and how he implements them(think of Wireless) (b) new culture he implements and why (c) culture change (d) union negotiations (e) results of new culture and strategies

Managing Organizational Change please help me

Create a force-field analysis to address the leadership team's concerns about what else it should be doing and to what it has not yet paid enough attention. See the attached documents to help you with this task.

Managing organizational change - force field analysis

Create a force field analysis to present to your consulting partners that evaluates the idea of holding a large-scale, community-building meeting. You will want to evaluate the forces that will help it be successful and the forces that would hinder such a meeting from being an effective method for change. Make sure the hindering

"In any organization change can be perceived as being something positive or something negative. People are naturally hesitant to change to a new way of doing things based on their level of comfort

"In any organization change can be perceived as being something positive or something negative. People are naturally hesitant to change to a new way of doing things based on their level of comfort. To have an organization change its culture from one way of thinking to another depends on the capabilities of the management staff.

Sunflower incorporated Case Study

Read the following case: Sunflower incorporated. In Cumming, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2005). Organization development and change (9th ed.) (pp. 239-240). Mason, OH: Southwestern College Publications. Using appropriate terms and theories, analyze the case. The analysis should answer the following questions: How would you

Benefits of Continuous Organizational Change

1. Evaluate how a change initiative creates the conditions of high efficiency for an organization through clarity and focus. What are the benefits of clarity and focus in change initiatives? 2. What are the characteristics of a self-organizing system? How can self-organize principles be utilized to interface with a marketpla

Organizational Theory Design and Change

Does evolutionary (gradual or incremental) or revolutionary (sudden and drastic) change best describe the changes that have taken place in your organization? In what type of change, such as restructuring, has your organization been most involved?

Discuss the concept areas and key questions

Discuss the concept areas and key questions that can provide insight into areas that exemplify that guiding large-scale organizational change is more a art rather than the science of change.

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Review the Santa Cruz Bicycles case study. 1. What, in your opinion, was the key factor in Santa Cruz Bicycles' successful process redesign? Why was that factor a key? 2. What outside factors had to come together for Santa Cruz Bicycles to be able to make the changes they did? 3. Why is the story more about change managemen

Change and Organizational Life Cycle Theory

Compare and contrast change theory and organizational life cycle theory. Evaluate the synergistic aspects of how the theories, used together, provide insight into understanding organizations.

Organizational change for sustainability

1. What type of change does this case describe? 2. Which theory of change best describe it and why? 3. What functional areas of the business were involved in this change?how were they involved?Did the organizational actors anticipate that all these function areas would be involved in the change effort? 4. What were the

Commandments of Influencing Change

1. Read the attached article: "Thinking about resisting change (with tongue tucked firmly in cheek)" by Elliott Berv. (See the attached file) 2. Select 5 (five) of the 26 "Commandments of Resisting Change" (See the attached file) and re-write them to be "Commandments of Influencing Change." Each one of your answers should c

organizational change

One of the most challenging tasks of a leader is to transform an organization, to re-engineer and restructure that organization to meet the evolving demands of both the customer and the marketplace. Choose a company that is not meeting the expectations of its stakeholders (which could include its investors, bondholders, employee

Change Model & Leading Organizational Change

Discuss two of the following statements. Describe Lewin's change model and the systems model of change, and discuss the external and internal forces that create the need for organizational change. Discuss Kotter's Eight Steps for Leading Organizational Change. Discuss the 11 Reasons Employees Resist Change. Discus

Organizational Change - Lewin's Model of Force Field Analysis

Manager has decided to increase the inventory from 3 months supply to 6 months of supply in case of supply shortage. Most of the employees know the inventory is already too much and the overflowing inventory would be a disaster to store. After the conversation with the manager he agree to meet in the middle - 4.5 months. Usi

What are the various models for change strategies?

What are the various models for change strategies. Why might one strategy be better suited to an organization than another? Provide an example from your experience. Was this a successful change? Explain.

Organizational Development and Change

1-Why is organizational change so difficult? 2-What are the similarities and differences between the various models of organizational change? What do you think about the different models? *Each reply must be at least 200 words and include one reference *Include a short personal insight that relates the above to specific

Focus of the Organizational Change Report by Lou Gerstner

See attached file. Change Report, on Lou Gerstner's change program at IBM. The focus on the resistance to change and the skills and strategies for communicating change and sustaining change that shows the benefits and opportunities that are possessed on both sides.

Managing Organizational Change: Describe the change and the research plan

Managing Organizational Change Organization: Option 1: â?¢ Give the name of the organization (if permitted) and briefly describe it. If you are focusing on one department in the organization, tell which one and describe it briefly. Be sure to include a description of your role in the organization. This can be an or

Environment factor that caused change in strategy

1. Research and analyze one environmental factor that has caused organizations to change their strategy in some way. 2. Analyze and describe the environmental circumstances bringing about these changes in the strategy of an organization. 3. Analyzd and explain why the organization needs to change. 4. Analyzd and ex

Organizational Change: Polyprod case and questions

Read the case in the ATTACHED file titled, Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of Polyrod. Answer the following questions regarding the case. Please make each answer at least a paragraph in length. 1. What is your assessment of Roberta's efforts to date? 2. How would you convince Stewart Jones t

Change Intervention (from Leading Orgazational Change)

Complete the following exercise (Lewin's Change Process): Choose a current issue in your local neighborhood. You will figure out how you would design a large-scale change intervention program in relation to this issue and answer the questions below. a. How many people would it make sense to involve?

Managing Organizational Development and Change

Library Research Assignment You anticipate a great deal of resistance to change from the employees of Pegasus, especially if there are layoffs involved. You and the HRD group must first identify the emotional factors of change and then present a plan to address these issues to the company in a meeting. You must consider the o