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    Models of Change

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    Compare and contrast various models of change. Based on your experience in organizations and your scholarly reading, which model has the widest application in organizational scenarios? Why? Are there any specific industries which rely more on one model than another? Substantiate your responses from your readings and with relevant real life examples.

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    //The following paper will discuss the personal and professional characteristics of a change leader. Along with this, there will be a discussion about the strategies that should be adopted for overcoming the resistance to change. Some light will also be thrown on real life examples of leaders who have brought positive change in an organization. In the following section, personal and professional characteristics of a change leader will be highlighted, along with strategies that should be adopted for overcoming the resistance to change.//

    Characteristics of a change leader

    Change leaders are known as one of the most effective change agents who are responsible for bringing substantial changes within a business organization. There are certain traits that are necessary to be possessed by a change leader for undertaking the necessary change (Gilley, 2005). These traits can be personal and professional. The personal traits of a change leader include the ability to take initiative for bringing change and development in the organization. He is the one who initiates an idea or vision for bringing a deliberate change.

    He undertakes the process of change and development with a positive approach towards a better future of the organization. Another personal trait that change leaders possess is commitment. He has the commitment to undertake the lengthy and time consuming process of ...

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    The models of change are discussed. The widest applications in organizational scenarios are provided. The response addresses the queries posted in 756 words with references.