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    Mental Models and Mindsets for GM

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    Mental Models/Mindsets Paper - GM (General Motors)

    Prepare a paper in which you identify and explain how the four steps to change the mental models/mindsets can help GM

    The text, The Power of Impossible Thinking by Wind, Crook, and Gunther (2005), describes four steps that individuals take when they want to change a mental model. First, individuals must understand their mental models. After recognizing their familiar thought patterns, the individual must test new approaches to the same situation. The person trying to make a change must overcome a variety of inhibitors to change, such as the expectations of others, lack of information, lack of trust, and the desire to hold on to the old patterns. Finally, the individual must implement the change in thinking patterns.

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    First step to change a mental mindset is to understand its mental model. According to Senge, "Mental models are deeply ingrained assumptions, generalizations, or even pictures or images that influence how we understand the world and how we take action" (p. 8). In the case of General Motors, the company had a poorly-held set of mental models based on the way they viewed the marketplace in the 1970's. They based their decisions on this mental model which consists of their knowledge of years of success and market share ...

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