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Discussion: Managing Organizational Change

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- Explain why change models are useful.
- As a manager and/or change agent, discuss why understanding readiness for change is important? List and discuss 3 ways you can determine readiness for change within an organization.
- Compare and contrasts 3 reasons why people resist change. Then, compare and contrast 3 methods or approaches used to manage resistance to change. In your opinion, which method or approach is the best? Why? Defend your answer.

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Organizational change management discussion is provided.

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Change models are useful largely due to the fact that they provide a systematic methodology by which to analyze the situation and determine the need for change, make a detailed plan for developing and implementing the change that is needed, execute the change plan in the most efficient and effective manner possible, integrate the change plan systematically into the present operational paradigm, and to observe the results and adapt the plan as needed. It is very important for managers or change agents to understand readiness for change, so that these individuals will be able to effectively ascertain the conditions within an organization that expose ...

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