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Benefits of Continuous Organizational Change

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1. Evaluate how a change initiative creates the conditions of high efficiency for an organization through clarity and focus. What are the benefits of clarity and focus in change initiatives?

2. What are the characteristics of a self-organizing system? How can self-organize principles be utilized to interface with a marketplace? What are the benefits of doing so?

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The benefits of clarity and focus in change initiative is discussed.

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1. A change initiative creates the conditions of high-efficiency for an organization through clarity and focus, due to the fact that an initiative of this nature provides a goal or focal point, for which an organization can utilize a concerted effort by all departments of an organization to achieve the desired paradigm change, etc., due to the fact that the efforts of all of the organizational departments and entities will be coordinated in order to achieve a given change, the organization will become much more highly efficient in its operations. The ...

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