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Organizational Change in Publicly Traded Companies

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Pick out two publicly traded companies and a mutual change that both have undergone in the last 5 years. In 1 page, please specify the names of the two companies along with a brief write-up on the changes you will be comparing in the two companies. Be sure to pick two companies which have undergone some type of fairly substantial change in the recent past. Find the company and the change information online (include several links): utilize Google or Yahoo Finance, or Reuters, and look up Annual Reports of companies which interest you. Often reading the first sections of these reports (i.e. letters from CEO's) will give ideas about changes they have gone through in the recent past.

Be sure that the companies are a) publicly traded so that their information will be easy to research and find, b) the change in the two companies are comparable (i.e. don't compare a new CEO to a change in HRIS), and c) the changes happened in the recent past so that you will find plenty of online information about how they were handled, but not so recent that the information about the change "results" is still up in the air. The one page write up should include a brief synopsis of the information found about the changes and why you think it's interesting.

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The response provides you a structured explanation of change in Wal-Mart. It also gives you six relevant references.

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The first company is Wal-Mart. On the 28th of January an organizational change was announced by Wal-Mart. It was the restructuring of Wal-Mart's global sourcing team to leverage the scale of its global merchandising operations. The purpose was to reduce costs and improve quality in its supply operations. At the same time it also announced the formation of a global.com organization. Wal-Mart's US operations were also reorganized. The three divisions Logistics, Real Estate, and Store Operation were united and reorganized into geographic divisions namely Wal-Mart West, Wal-Mart South, and Wal-Mart North. According ...

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