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    Organizational Change Formula

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    The two files contain discussions of organizational change formula. They were based on the learners' experience working through a change initiative using the formula. They also explain how the change leader could have leveraged the formula to increase the likelihood of success in resisting change.

    Please provide comments for both of these discussions pertain to the following:

    When responding to others, seek clarification, share your personal experiences that relate to their experience, and provide feedback on their posts. In addition, consider providing suggestions for using the formula to improve their change experience.

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    In the first model the change formula worked well. It required the dissatisfaction which was apparently widespread. This type of dissatisfaction can be costly as well as frustrating. When working for a tile and carpet company, I learned a different formula for measuring rooms and ordering carpet based on the 12' wide standard. Now I still use that formula, which is frustrating for salespeople, but I am never wrong in how much carpet to order (@ 12' wide) and I seldom have paid for a lot of overage. The vision of what the company wanted was also clear and this helped the change to be made ...

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    The solution discusses the organizational change formula including the D.V.F > R model from Beer & Spector.