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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Economic Value Added

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    I need help analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of Economic Value Added, Return on Investment and Economic Profit.


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    One of the advantages of economic value added is the fact that this measurement will provide the leadership within an organization with an accurate estimate of the total capital value of profit that is gained after the cost associated with paying off investors has been subtracted. This provides a realistic indicator of the increased value of capital assets that are not of a financial nature that have been gained by engaging in some business ventures such as an investment which utilizes money from investors in order to gain an increased profit, who are seeking a return on their investment. This is very advantageous to an organization that is concerned with keeping track of its non-financial assets, which are actually the assets that usually the assets that contain the most value within a given organization, and are the true indicators of that organization's overall work and economic power. A disadvantage of economic value added is that it does not take into ...

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    The advantages and disadvantages of economic value added is provided. The return on investments and economic profits are provided.