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    Managing Organizational Change

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    Discuss change management at General Motors. Include:

    Executive Summary (High-level summary of the key issues in the paper. )
    Assessment/Diagnosis (What was done prior to the planning for change? )
    Analysis of the Change Strategy (What was the change strategy?)
    Results/Outcomes (Compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. )
    Evaluation of the Effort (Use course concepts to evaluate the results. )
    Appendix (Critical documents to support the course project. )

    about 800 words, three references

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    Change management for General Motors
    Executive summary
    It was not long back when General Motors was going through a rough patch of decreased sales and decreased brand loyalty. One of the major reasons for this could be attributed to the disorganized organizational structure. At General Motors, traditional model of organization was practiced, which led to several problems in the way things were done at General Motors. However, it was soon realized by the management that the traditional model would not take them anywhere, and there was a need for a transformed model of organization. To facilitate the change, new processes were adopted. There were adjustments required at all levels of the organization, especially at the employee level as they were required to actually put the management policies to practice.
    Thus, through structured planning followed by successful implementation, change management was successful in restructuring General Motors. As a result, General Motors sailed through a turbulent time from being no-where in the business to being a reputed brand in the automobile industry.

    Assessment of the situation prior to change
    The organizational structure at General Motors was a multidivisional structure. The organizational model was traditional model which consisted of hierarchical structure with a president at the top, followed by Vice Presidents, then a layer of Management, followed by employees who formed the majority of the base of the pyramid. Jobs in traditional organization model were grouped according to functional departments. GM was divided into individual automakers-Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, and Pontiac. These acted like a ...

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