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    Organizational Resistance to Change

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    Locate two organizational real world case studies where organizations faced resistance to change. Examine the kind of resistance, reasons, and possible solutions utilizing models found in scholarly academic journals. Provide responses with relevant examples and citations.

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    Change in any organization is necessary and inevitable for the sake of quality movement, leaning, technological development, continuous improvement, new and consumer media and to implement new distribution methodologies. Everything in the world is of changing nature, even in the case of business environment, such as financial markets, everyday consumers, etc. In order to prevent business from these changes, it is necessary for them to make continuous improvements. It not only helps in sustaining business, but also helps in sustaining competitive advantage. Here, the paper will locate two organisations that faced resistance to change. In addition, it will also examine the kind of resistance, reasons and possible solutions utilizing models used in the organisations.

    This study focuses towards the factors responsible to affect resistance to change in the real world organisations. The study is about to examine the effect of higher education on police officer's level of resistance and effects of communication and participation on public trust. The area of this police department is Texas and people also belong to the same place. ...

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    The expert locates two organizational real world case studies where organizations faced resistance to change.