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    Managing Change on a Project

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    Please answer the following questions about project management.

    How does a project leader decide when a requested change is worthy the trouble of implementation?

    How would you justify a difficult change to your project team?

    How would you explain to your stakeholders that you cannot accommodate a requested change?

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    How does a project leader decide when a requested change is worth the trouble of implementation?

    In general, a project leader will decide if a requested change is worth implementing depending on the impact to the project scope, cost or schedule. For example, if the requested change is a small enhancement to the product specifications, it may not be much of an impact to the project schedule or cost and can be easily accommodated by the project team. However, if the change requested is to totally reconfigure the product, almost starting over, this would have a ...

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    This solution provides a discussion on project management, including how to explain to stakeholders that a requested change cannot be accomodated, how a project manager can decide if a change is worth implementing, and how to justify a difficult change to a project team.