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Evaluation of an On-going Change Effort

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The case study questions:

What techniques and strategies could be used to evaluate the on-going progress of the change effort?
Should the evaluation incorporate quantitative and qualitative methods?
Why might one method be preferred over the other?

The solution thoroughly addresses each question, utilizing a call center work environment as example. Included are potential measurements, both quantitative and qualitative, for measuring change efforts with these job duties.

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Solution Summary

This solution is over 200 words and includes a reference. When initiating a change effort, evaluation criteria will include a strategy or method that is itself adjusting to the changing circumstances of the effort. Quantitative research reflects "hard" data such as numbers (i.e. faster resolution of customer service calls). Qualitative research will indicate non-tangible aspects (such as customer satisfaction).

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A change effort that is in the midst of on-going progress must have a strategy that clearly defines "milestones" and the expectations at each step. This strategy breaks the overall change into parts, each with a measurable component in order to monitor progress and adapt, if needed. The techniques in how this strategy is utilized can involve both quantitative and qualitative ...

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