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I need to create a detailed training proposal that incorporates all of the following

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You have been working for the internet matchmaking company, People, people who need people.com . In recent months the company has been forced to downsize. This downsizing has resulted in numerous layoffs. In order to select the employees who would be laid off management reviewed past performance appraisals and selected those individuals with poor appraisals as the first people to be let go.

As a result of this, three former employees have sued the company. Their complaint is that the performance appraisals did not accurately reflect their work and instead were based on inaccurate interpretations of work performance by the managers who completed the reviews. One employee has already won his case and the two others are still in court.

As the Director of Human Resources for this organization you have decided that something needs to be done to minimize these issues in the future.
After reviewing the performance review process your conclusion is that the problem is with the managers. They are not accurately measuring the performance of the employees. They need to be trained on the proper ways to complete the performance reviews.

1. List and describe 4-6 common problems that occur when managers complete performance reviews.

2. Suggestions for supervisors on how to eliminate or reduce these problems

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1. Conflict over criteria for evaluation: The criteria for the evaluation of the employee are the main cause for conflict. For instance if a person is late for work then will that be a criteria for evaluation or simply the fact that for every three days of late arrival would mean a deduction in salary? In order to eliminate the conflict, there should be an interaction with the person who is going to make the evaluation and the criteria for performance evaluation should be agreed on and both the persons should initial the agreement. Then if the company follows the agreement there will be no judgment against the company.

2. Conflict over the weightage given to each criterion. Each criterion should be given a weightage that should be in the form of a decimal and when the weightages of all the criteria are added together the total should be equal to one. To eliminate ...

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