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Business Management

Business Development Question

The owner of Work Now, a nonprofit job referral agency, has asked a few of his employees (you) for help and recommendations. In the current economy employers seeking to fill professional positions are reluctant to hire applicants direct to full-time. Instead they prefer to hire though temporary agencies (like yours) so they can

Active Listening and the listening processes.

Active Listening is very important for leaders and employees. The 6 stages of the Listening Process are: 1.) Hearing, 2.) Focusing on the message, 3.) Comprehending and Interpreting, 4.) Analyzing and Evaluating, 5.) Responding, and 6.)Remembering. Select the phase you feel is the most important. Please explain your answer. T

External Events for a Business

Select a specific industry or large business in your area. What do you think are some of the most influential and current external elements that are impacting it? How is the industry or entity responding? Use at least one formal supporting reference.

Counterproductive Work Behavior and Tools to Mitigate Behavior

HRM 538 "Performance Management" Week 7 Discussion 1: Counterproductive Work Behavior" 1. Rate the types of counterproductive work behaviors and speculate which one occurs most often. Provide a solution to this behavior. 2. Think about counterproductive work behaviors that you have witnessed or heard about. Determine how th

Nuclear Plant

Your company is planning to construct a nuclear power plant in Oregon. Why is stakeholder analysis important as a precondition of the decision whether or not to follow through with the plan? Conduct a stakeholder analysis for a planned upgrade to a successful software product. Who are the key stakeholders?

Policy Analyst

To what extent do you think policy analysts should become engaged in advocating for the implementation of their recommended results? What risks are involved in becoming too engaged in the topic?

Performance measurement and program evaluation

Performance measurement is a common aspect of program evaluation. Is performance measurement more critical in the public sector than the private sector? Why? Which assessment tools are more effective in the public sector than in the private sector?

Suppliers and Forecasting

1. Should a firm attempt to have fewer or more suppliers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? 2. Calculate and answer parts a through d. Include all calculations and spreadsheets in your post. Explain why the moving average method was used instead of another forecasting method. What might be another fo

Strategic Management of Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation

Please read the information below and the attached info and in a 4 to 5 pages report for the executives of HD corporation, please help me by answering the following questions: What strategy (or combination of strategies) did Harley Davidson use to become such a successful organization? To what extent has Harley Davidson's

the problem of "knowledge," and the Eureka system

Question: How does the problem of "knowledge," as raised by Cox, relate to the issues with the Eureka system? To what degree is this a persistent problem for organizations? Using additional resources, address the question of "organizational knowledge" as a definition problem as well as a logistical one. Please see article

Training Assessment

Imagine you are a new employee in a human resource (HR) department. Your first task is to develop a stress management seminar for the employees. Determine the topics that should be covered in the seminar. Support your selection of the topics. Develop criteria to assist in selecting the vendor to use for the training.

Liability in Medical Professions

1. What are some of the key issues surrounding medical professional liability in America today? What are the arguments for and against tort reform in U.S. health care? 2. Define and briefly discuss case management and utilization review in modern U.S. healthcare organizations. Why are these functions considered so important in

Sentinel Event Reporting

The importance of sentinel event reporting to the home care - General requirements of The Joint Commission's Sentinel Event policy in the hospital - The role of The Joint Commission in ensuring patient safety in the hospital - The process of conducting a root cause analysis in the hospital - Comparisons and contrasts on some

Rain Forest In Costa Rica

Merck, an American pharmaceutical company and INBio (National Biodiversity Institute), established by the Coast Rica's government had a deal in 1991.The deal was that INBio will provide Merck with the different samples of plants, micro-organisms, animals and soil from the areas of Coast Rica. These samples will be used by Merck

Developing a Healthcare Action Plan

I am trying to create a management performance plan. I am using a healthcare organization that provides nursing services to pediatric patients in their home. They company called TLC Homecare also provides therapy services in home like OT PT and Speech therapies. Can you help me? Define a management performance plan that link

Socially Responsible Risk Management Strategy

Do an outline a socially responsible risk management strategy for a company with which you are familiar. Summarize the following: - Goals of risk management - Identification applicable risk factors - Strategies for managing each risk factor - Plan for continued monitoring and adjustment - Social implications and res

Strategic Management: Premium Price

A premium price is associated with above-average returns. What can a company do to merit a premium price above the competition? What attributes are needed to obtain and sustain a premium? Provide an example of a product (Starbucks) with these attributes.

Capacity Planning & Forecasting

Capacity Planning & Forecasting What is your opinion on the questions below? (1) How is capacity like the size of the hoses and tub in which water is flowing. Consider that there may be multiple tubs and hoses in a manufacturing business, as well as in other businesses. What role does customer demand play in capacity plann

Disputes in a unionized workplace

Before you start this, be sure that you are familiar with the following: Responsibilities of the National Labor Relations Board (Click on the link for an introductory overview.) Grievance Management (Click on the link for a sample of the process from the union perspective.) Unfair Labor Practices (Click on the link for

Percentage change in productivity

In October, company Y made $35,000 in sales using 1060 hours of contracted sales time. In November, Company Y made $45,000 in sales using 1220 hours of contracted sales time. What is the percentage change in productivity from October to November?

Possible Reasons for Outliers & Possible Solutions

A researcher is measuring production levels in several plants, with the total number of 172 subjects in 5 plants. There are 2 outliers in the very low production area 1 more in the highest area. What are possible reasons for outliers and possible solutions in data analysis?

Management Information Systems: Seven Key Elements

What are the seven key elements of a system? Explain what role each element plays in describing a system. Your response should be at least 75 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Failed Business Partnership Project

Locate an article that involves a partnership project that failed because of a possible information technology oversight or deficiency. Examples appear in enterprise resource planning systems, logistics systems, and other systems. Based on the article, why do you believe the project failed? Cite the article and provide a link if