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Proposal for Southwest Airlines

This proposal must:
1. Identify the company you have selected
2. Give a brief synopsis of the company, summarizing its purpose and goals
3. State your rationale and reason for selecting this company
4. Describe your role as a stakeholder in this company
5. Describe at least three other stakeholders and their relationship to the company you have selected
6. Conclusion: what you hope to gain/understand as you research about this company

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Southwest Airlines is a major US airline that services a multitude of cities domestically, and is known for its outstanding quality in providing services to its many domestic passengers throughout the nation. This airline is based in the southwestern United States, in the city of Dallas Texas, and due to the tremendous number of airplanes that it has and the timely service that it provides to its passengers, this airline services more US passengers than any other airline. This airline has also gained the distinction as an economical airline that boasts the largest fleet of planes of any economical or low-cost airline service in the world.

I have selected this company due ...