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Case Study: Buxton Hall

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The project was completed on time and all involved seemed to be happy. Answer the two questions at the end of the case, supporting your answers with the facts of the case.

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A discussion regarding a specific case study involving a project assessment including whether or not the project was successful, the best practices involved in the project and how they contributed to the project objectives. 382 words.

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1. How successful was this project?

I would say this project was a success. Though there were some compromises made, like which of the walls to refurbish on the outside of the building and inside the courtyard areas, the overall objectives of restoring the building to make it useful to students who attended the university were met and the project appeared to be completed in the timeline originally established as well. It also would appear that the project team found ways to ensure the budget would not exceed the original amount and did so by finding ways to cut costs without ...

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