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Business Management

Compensation management - PTO

Q1.Many compensation professionals are faced with making choices about which discretionary benefits to drop because funds are limited and because costs of these benefits continually increase. List your top three discretionary benefits that you would not cut, your rationale for your decision, and factors that influence your decis

Sexual Harassment in the Public Sector Workforce

1. Analyze two news events published within the past 12 months related to sexual harassment laws for or against lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. 2. Propose at least two ways your agency plans to address these events, highlighting two challenges to identifying and prosecuting offenders within your agency. 3. Deb

Improving a company's internal control system

Research and analyze a company that has had publicly known problems with their internal control. Analyze what went wrong that caused the system of internal control to fail, and what could have been done differently to prevent the problems. Make 4 recommendations or suggestions on how the company could have improved its int

Small business operations during the planning stages

Please address the following questions in your response. 1. What elements make up the fair market price of a business? 2. What financing options exist for a small business and which one would you prefer? Why? 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of bringing in a venture capitalist?

Research Design - Company Misuse of Data

Reviewing scandals of our recent corporate past please answer the following: How did the company you have researched use or misuse data to support their decisions? What were the results of this mishandling? Interactive: Focus on one other corporate entity of your choice from such institutions as banking, len

Identifying Specific Generations in the Workplace

In several paragraphs, identify and discuss the impact of these multigenerational differences on productivity in the workplace and how management can motivate all workers? Select two specific generations and determine the underlying motivational needs for each generation.

Port and Terminal Operations Questions

I am having a difficult time with this question and am trying to find information. Discuss the transporters role, the port's role and the government's role in controlling invasive species and other hazards inherent in the movement of goods, goods themselves, and their packaging, specifically addressing the management of wast

Decision Under Uncertainty - Bayes' Theorem

Need help with the following: Research statistical data in a business context that requires a decision. Use probability concepts found in Bayes' Theorem to formulate a decision. Address the following: - Include how you applied concepts to formulate your decision. - Include appropriate probability concepts and your applica

Radio-frequency identification technologies (RFID)

Radio-frequency identification technologies use active or passive tags in the form of chips or smart labels that can store unique identifiers and relay this information to readers. RFID tags represent the next big step forward from bar codes and retailers are using RFID to control theft, increase efficiency, and improve demand p

Weighted scoring model

Please see the attached word document for the full questions. Thank you. 1. Use a weighted scoring model to choose between three locations (A, B, C) for setting up a factory. The relative weights for each criterion are shown in the table in the attached file. 2. Nina is trying to decide in which of four shopping centers t

How Can an Organization Excel in Its Supporting Activities?

Please help me to explain how an organization can achieve the following supporting activities: - Leads organization change effectively - Excels at fostering team based problem solving across departmental units - Excels at managing its human resources - Excels at managing its financial resources - Excels at managing its info

Forecasting Monthly Sales on a Month by Month Basis

I am trying to develop a model using Excel (data table perhaps) that can be used to forecast monthly sales on a month-by-month basis based on previous monthly data starting with January of year 7. The sales history is attached.

Professional Resume - Macy's

I just graduated from college and I need help with my resume. I need to work on strengthening my work statements. I work at Macy's. I'm a sales associate. This is what I wrote on my work experience. - Promote 8 new products such as new clothes brands on a monthly basis and handle cash register for helping customers in the

Critical Consumer and the Media

Identify and explain the steps that one must take to be a critical consumer of the news, and describe a time where you failed to be a critical consumer of the news.

Generic Strategy, Value Discipline, and Grand Strategy

Identify an existing organization that established sustained market leadership by successfully leveraging a generic strategy. State the actual generic strategy (and provide supporting references). How did the organization successfully leverage this strategy? Identify an existing organization that established sustained marke

Change Management: Initiating Change

- Be sure to discuss how you, as a change agent, would create the urgency or motivation necessary to initiate change. Use the readings and the change models for questions to guide you. - Describe the demands of being a change facilitator. If a guiding team is appropriate, what organizational roles should be included? You may u

Post-Modernism, Technocracy, Management Styles, Systems Theory

1. Briefly explain how post-modernism has affected organizations. 2. Describe the concept of the problem of technocracy. 3. During a job interview or any type of professional development interaction, you might be asked to share your management style. Being able to explain your own management style can be a productive way to

Accessing Accountability in Public Administration

1. Why is accountability important in public administration? 2. Often it is easy to identify public officials and public administrators who have acted poorly in their positions due to the news coverage. It is important to know how not to perform, and how to perform appropriately in a given profession. Identify any living or h

Public Policy Analysis

Create a public policy. Construct the details of the policy utilizing the Process Model. Discuss the rationale of the policy and how the Process Model will assist policy makers in their decision making and implementation processes. Evaluate the model utilizing general criteria. Use at least two outside sources to support your p

Classical School of Management

In what way(s) can you identify with this style? How do you differ? Name an organization that has adopted this style and describe whether it was successful. Consider the following scenario and apply your management style to it. How would you act in your chosen management style? You are the director of Tri-County Home Healt

Value-Based Management: Nature and Importance

Please provide some help analyzing "Value-Based Management". What's Value-Based Management and how they work? Why is it important for companies to have Value-Based Management? Are Value-Based Managements good or bad for corporate valuations? What are some of the advantages/disadvantages having Value-Based Management? See the

Proposal to improve an agency's effectiveness

Obtain a copy of an agency's budget and the agency's mission statement. Keeping in mind the mission and research that you have done about the agency, identify a change, which you think would improve the agency's effectiveness and help it to obtain its mission. The total for the proposal cannot exceed $1,000,000. Write a propo

Levels of interdependence in organizations

Identify three levels of interdependence and give an organizational example for each. Textbook: Organizational Behavior, 4th Edition. Emerging Realities for the Workplace Revolution. By: Steven L. McShane and Mary Ann Von Glinow

Federalism and the Individual

Explain how is policy development affected by federalism. Discuss the rights of individuals as they relate to policy development and explain the overall effect. Is this concerning? Please identify two examples.

Establishing a Drug-Testing Program at a Company

a. Should a company establish a drug-testing program? If so, recommend a specific policy for the program that includes disciplinary procedures for dealing with employees who test positive for drug use. b. What are the most difficult challenges facing an organization in establishing a drug-testing program? Discuss. c. Some obse

The Non-egocentric Mind

Describe the logic of the non-egocentric mind. What are attributes of this mind, and how does it usually think? Present ideas about how you can expand your ability to think rationally.

Campus Food Service Case Study - Pressure to Under-report Accidents

Case Study: A student is asked to "minimize" accidents in a campus kitchen and that her grade depends on it. She was asked to glaze over accidents involving employee injuries and some OSHA issues. Provide examples that support why this student should not intentionally lie about these safety and health issues that were clearly