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Business Management

Business Ownership Program

Hello, I need some example responses that are at least a paragraph for the following questions to guide me. 1) What is your primary reasoning for applying to a business ownership program? 2) What is your entrepreneurial dream? When you look out 5-10 years, what would you like to accomplish? 3) Describe your interest in

Implementing Controls to Achieve Desired Outcome

Suppose an error in planning, such as too-high production targets, has led to problems. Suppose that it is not possible to revise the plan, such as when a commitment is made to another organization to supply a certain quantity on a certain date. What type of controls can be used to solve the problem? More generally, can cont

AON project network

From the following information, develop an AON project network. Complete the forward and backward pass, compute activity slack, and identify the critical path. How many days will the project take? ID.....Description..........Predecessor.......Time (days) A......Survey site..............None......................2 B......Ins

Concept analysis

What are the advantages of concept analysis in relation to theory development? Are there disadvantages? Why or why not?

learning organization and innovative change

Using an organization with which you are familiar, identify its core culture and the elements of its observable culture as defined by Senge. What do you think would need to be changed in order to facilitate learning? What role would organizational development play in overcoming resistance to change?

Change Control Process

Please help with the following problem. Include references. "What do we control using a change control process?" As you explore this topic, be sure to include a brief discussion of the consequences of NOT following change control procedures.

Team Training

Please help with the following problem: An important role of the project manager is to train the team to operate with the type of dynamics that result in a well-performing cohesive team. In addition, a project manager must also attend to the team's training needs. Briefly discuss the three types of training that a team is li

Change in Economic Structure

Please help with the following problem. With regards to the changes within the economic structure, how do politics and government regulation factor into the changes we see in economic activity on both a domestic and global scale? What actions have either helped or hindered our progress?

General compensation plan

Information you need: • Your Help Desk Manager makes $20.00/hr • The new managers performance appraisal rating was above average Outline a general compensation plan. Specifically address what type of considerations you will make when determining how employees are compensated and given raises. Do a compensation analysis

Growth Strategies for Nike, Inc.

Nike, Inc. - Describe your growth objectives for this organization. - Provide an explanation of the different types of growth strategies. - Determine which type of growth strategy you would utilize for this organization, and explain why. - Explain how your growth strategy will help this organization fulfill its growth ob

Professional and Productive Work Environment

I am starting a small businesses and I know close relationships will develop. 1. How will I manage these relationships to insure a professional and productive work environment? 2. How will I determine how many managers I need or when I need to add a management position? 3. How will conducting quality performance appraisa

Affirmative action and the theoretical glass ceiling for minorities and women

Affirmative Action encompasses various issues that an organization takes into consideration. AA throughout the history of employment has created and address such issues as the 4/5th rule and the glass ceiling. Choose one of these issues to address: Glass Ceiling: The glass ceiling has been defined as, "The unseen, yet unbrea

Impact of Affirmative Action on Organization

Affirmative action is frequently debated topic. If handled correctly, affirmative action avoids the stigma of being more like reverse discrimination. The stated justification for affirmative action by its proponents is that it helps to compensate for past discrimination, persecution or exploitation by the ruling class of a cultu

Business Advantages of SCM, CRM

I want to implement a supply change management, customer relationship management and employee relationship management in my business, but before I do, I need some insight as to the advantages and disadvantages. This will help me to make professional business decisions.

Consenting to Sexual Harassment

From the case study, according to her own testimony, Vinson acquiesced to Taylor's sexual demands. In this sense, her behavior was "voluntary." Determine if the voluntariness of her behavior means that she had consented to Taylor's advances and whether it means it was justified. Discuss which court(s) you thought was (were) righ

Managing Operations Vs. Service Organizations

Compare and contrast the challenges involved with managing service organizations against those of manufacturing operations. Discuss which you would rather manage and why. Analyze the four costs associated with maintaining an inventory to determine which appears to be most controllable by any organization. Explain your ration

Channel Management Decisions in Action

For my team project we are a marketing team tasked with coming up with a new product to be introduced at In-N-Out Burger. We chose to incorporate a childrens meal into their menu and we are now working on phase 4 of the marketing plan. I am looking for ideas on how to answer he following question. Analyze the effect of channe

Grid Computing: Example Problem

Help in describing 3 different grid computing projects not of the same grid that are helping solve a world or social problem. What is grid computing?

CEO of a successful business: convince the board to hire new CEO

You are the retiring CEO of a very successful business. You plan to leave your current position within one year. As a result, you have developed a four page briefing document that will persuade the Board to hire a new CEO who is a high performance manager. Persuade the Board to hire a high performance manager. In other words, yo

Public Administration: Citizen Involvement

What are some of the methods that you are aware of that local governments use to help ensure that all citizens feel like they are a part of the political process? For example, some communities provide free public transportation to city council meetings.

3 page research paper 2

I have also attached the company scenario and here is the details of the question. You, Mike, and Tiffany meet in a conference room to begin to assemble your final presentation. Mike begins, "I think we've done some pretty good analysis on our strategy. We just have to put the pieces together before the final presentation.