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Moral Issues In Business

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Please help me with what ethics theory (Kant, utilitarian, egoism, Rawl's, libertarian) that you would suggest for these questions

--Downsize in the face of economic difficulty

--Export capital for production abroad

--Export commodities which have been banned from sale in the United States

--Break union contracts in the face of economic difficulty

--Federal law requires that employers pay a minimum wage and pay overtime, although some believe that the concept of a living wage is the more ethical standard. Explain and defend your position on whether you agree or disagree.

--Is it ethically permissible to make membership in a particular union a prerequisite for employment?

--Is it ethical for an employer to require as a condition of employment or use of a consideration for advancement promotion, that an employee participates in organizations apart from the business (ie. community non-profit organizations)? Does the type or nature of the organization make a difference?

--Finally, some opine that employee pay should be tied in part to the compensation of the owner/chief operating or executive officer of the business, with the lowest paid employee being paid no less than a certain percentage of the highest paid employee. Is this an ethical way of determining compensation?

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In assessing the appropriate ethical applications on situations, especially, the business environment where fairness is essential to rendering sufficient decisions accordingly. In review of the variety of ethical concerns, the suggestion is to apply such ethical decisions from a utilitarian perspective. The utilitarian entails a moral agent that applies one's self with no higher regard than one who has for someone else but also should not equivalent - to other's interest that might prove serving someone / other's interest or well-being. The utilitarianism is very suited on the basis of agent-neutral that is more objective and impartial for treating subject's own internets or matters accordingly. Let's take a look at the several concerns addressed below:

--downsize in the face of economic difficulty

Try and think of framing an understanding based on an objective framework for deciding if downsizing in the face of economic difficulty, the assessment can presents the neutral consequences to others both directly and indirectly. By stating the business obligation to the shareholders or board members, the decision might entail necessary consequences that serve the company as a whole rather than just one entity. The aim to account for well-being for the organization is vital; however, the necessity for not sacrificing more than required everyone within the company by only downsizing to sufficient level.

--export capital for production abroad

In using ...

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