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Roger Schwartz: The Skilled Facilitator

I need help with an overview of:

1. "Thinking & Acting Systemically"
2. "Contracting with Groups"

from Roger Schwarz: "The Skilled Facilitator"

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Step 1
Thinking and acting systemically means following the principle of interrelatedness. The system is perceived as whole whose elements hang together because they continually affect each other over time and have a common purpose. Systems thinking and acting, means moving away from linear interpretation of events, and moving towards an approval of a more complex pattern of interaction: there is a system of relationship among different elements that have the potential of affecting every other element. For a facilitator to think and act systematically, he must realize that today's problems come from yesterday's solutions, the harder you push, the harder the system pushes back, and behavior grows better before it gets worse. For example, a solution may work very well in the short run before it stops working or becomes a problem. The facilitator should remember that the easy way out leads back in, the cure can be worse than the disease, and faster is slower. For example, if there is a problem of harassment of women in the organization, the facilitator ...

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