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Change Management: Initiating Change

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- Be sure to discuss how you, as a change agent, would create the urgency or motivation necessary to initiate change. Use the readings and the change models for questions to guide you.
- Describe the demands of being a change facilitator.
If a guiding team is appropriate, what organizational roles should be included? You may use the Kotter text to learn more about guiding teams.
- How will you facilitate building a strong and effective guiding team?
- Finally, what is Lowe's Home Improvement's vision? Does it need modification? If so, what might the vision be? If not, why do you think the vision does not need modification?
- Additionally, create a vision statement for the change itself. Use the Kotter text to learn more about creating a vision statement.

APA 6th edition. 4 Pages.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1288 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1288 words with references.

//Just like in our personal lives, changes occur in the lives of organizations. Some organizations successfully implement the changes well in item, while others take some time. It is essential to look at a change from all the aspects before implementing it as a change can decide the future of an organization. In the first section, we will discuss the change agent, his role and abilities.//

Agent of Change

Change management is a process to make a shift or a transition from the current state of individuals or organizations to the future state. A change agent is the one who leads the change process in an organization and motivates others to follow it. It is essential to realize before initiating any change that whole of the organization is looking for a change. To initiate an urgency and motivation, the change agent should develop a sense of urgency around the need for change. This helps in bringing the initial motivation factor behind the change.

To Develop the Urgency for Change, the Change Agent Needs to Follow Certain Steps.

Firstly, the agent should identify the potential threats and develop scenarios that show what could happen in the future.
Then the agent should examine the potential opportunities that could be utilized.
Once opportunities are clear, there should be honest discussions that could give dynamic and convincing reasons to the people to think and talk.
The argument will get additional strength if there is a support sought from customers and other stakeholders (Draft, 2009).

Demands Of Being A Change Facilitator

A change facilitator is a person to be the first one to initiate a change process in an organization. He should certainly possess some qualities and fulfill certain demands to carry out the change process successfully.

Grasping Ability

The essential precondition for designing the change process is the ability to understand or grasp, which should be present inside a change facilitator. Any skilled or sharp change facilitator is aware regarding needs of the client. The ...

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