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Axel Powalski has asked you to discuss the competing values decision-making model at a marketing department meeting. Using the grid below, discuss the human relations model quadrant, the open system model quadrant, manager control quadrant, and the user quadrant. Be sure to provide examples whenever possible.


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//Good decision making is very important for any organization as it leads to achievement of great height for the organization. While writing this paper, we will focus on the four types of decision making models which are human relation model, open system model, manager control quadrant and user quadrant followed by some examples that will help in understanding the models much easier//

Decision making models are made so that good judgments could be made in the organization. Decisions are made so that a feasible alternative could be derived. It is an act of choosing one alternative solution out of the given possible choices. The decision that will make the organization grow and will attain maximum profitability is the best chosen alternative. When all the available alternatives have been rejected except one that means the decision has been made. The decisions should always be good so that the organization can grow in the long run (Decision Making Models, 2009).

Decision making model consists of four types which are: Human relation quadrant model, Open system model quadrant, Manager ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 713 words with references.