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    Pros & Cons of Types of Research Materials

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    Please help me describe the pros and cons of different sources of literature including the library, online libraries, academic journals and World Wide Web resources.

    Also, discuss the differences between primary and secondary sources and why it is important to focus on primary sources in your literature review.

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    A primary source is information "straight from the horse's mouth," which means directly received from a participant. This could include a research report of an experiment written by the researcher. It also includes the data that you collect from your own research respondents in your own research study. An article that reviews the report of a research project is a secondary source, because it is one step removed from the original source of the information.

    It is important to focus on the primary sources because the secondary resources are all reviewers of the original sources. Secondary sources present their view of the situation, and what they report may reflect their own agenda or bias. Secondary sources are references, but they are less valid than the primary sources because they are interpretations of the primary sources.

    The Internet provides immediate, user-friendly access to online libraries and online databases, containing journal ...

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    The solution gives a discussion of primary and secondary research sources and of the advantages and disadvantages of various resources: library, online library, online database, academic journals and web resources. 611 words with 1 reference.