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Business Management

Network Flow for Different Models

Problem 4 The plant engineer for the Bitco manufacturing plant is designing an overhead conveyor system that will connect the distribution/inventory center to all areas of the plant. The network of possible conveyor routes through the plant, with the length (in feet) along each branch follows. Determine the shortest conveyor ro

Job Recruitment and Selection

MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC. Case 4: Recruitment and Selection Now that you know what a Help Desk Manager should be doing, the owners want to hire one as quickly as possible. The owners want you to consider internal and external candidates. Describe how you will recruit and select qualified candidates for the Help Desk Manager p

Shortest Processing Time (SPT)

SPT is generally viewed as operationally focused rather than customer focused. However, are there cases when it could be as customer responsive as EDD or FCFS? Illustrate an example of this.

Management/Structural Design

- Ch. 7: Mass customization of products has become a common approach in manufacturing organizations. Discuss ways in which mass customization can be applied to service firms as well. - Ch. 7: A top executive claimed that top-level management is a craft technology because the work contains intangibles, such as handling pe

Policy Rules

Haller & Gerrie (2007) argued that "Decisions must be made and not postponed until absolute scientific consensus has been reached, and thus, scientific input to contentious policy debates must be solicited in the here and now." (p. 143). Discuss how public policy makers can incorporate scientific input into their strategy to ins

How Companies Can Change Your Job

Can your company legally change your job responsibilities, reduce your salary, and/or assign you to a different department? How would a union situation address this issue?

Forecasting Financial Statements

Please respond to the following: Analyze the process of forecasting financial statements and make at least one recommendation for improving the accuracy of forecasts. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Managing Workers' Compensation Claims

This solution anwers the following questions: What exactly is workers' compensation? What are some best practices for managing this activity? Workers' compensation is a benefit program that provides for medical treatment, and in some instances, financial payment, for work-related injuries or illness. Best practices includ

Native Village of Kivalina v. Exxon Mobile Corporation, Et Al.

In the Kivalina's case (Native Village of Kivalina v. Exxon Mobile Corporation, Et Al.), the underlying claim- regulating greenhouse gas emissions- was not resolved because the case was dismissed based on the political question doctrine. In dismissing this case, the court notes the complexities of global warming? its lengthy tim

Public Employees' Liability for Constitutional Torts

Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions. 1. Hypothesize a situation in which a public administrator or employee should have the constitutional right to disobey a directive ordered by a superior. 2. Provide at (2) two reasons and examples to support your position.

Long-Term Business Objectives

Using the objectives below discuss how those objectives apply to Abercrombie & Fitch or any Fashion industry. How has it struggled or succeeded relative to those objectives. Objectives: -Estimate the sustainability of long-term business operations. -Explain how the global market affects business strategy. -Construct a lon

Policy Analysis: Stakeholder Alternatives

How does a policy analyst differentiate between ideal and practical alternatives for a stakeholder? Sometimes, while conducting a program evaluation, the analyst may come to a conclusion that does not support the intended or ideal outcome. As a policy analyst, how might you communicate this information to the stakeholder involve

Risk Management in Contracts

What are the different types of contracts and how do they impact risk? There are four contracts below and I need to know how they impact risk. - Firm price - Fixed price: - Incentive fee - Cost plus. What contract types puts more risk on the buyer? What contract type puts more risk on the seller?

Strategy, product structure, best practice

1. What is the significance of naming the three categories of strategies (i.e. generic, grand, and competitive)? 2. If the strategy of a company is to develop a new product, it should make a product structure for the strategy. How does the company make the product structure? 3. Netflix became a best practice when other comp

Responding to Interview Questions

Once you have a resumé that gets noticed by employers, the next step in securing the job that you want is to interview successfully. The key to interviewing successfully is your ability to respond appropriately and well to the questions asked during the interview. Pick three questions and help guide in me in how you would respo

Evaluation of Efficiency and Efficacy

You have a team of managers of a customer call center for timeshare vacations. 1. Discuss with your team, the types of control measures you would use to see how efficient and effective an employee is. 2. Discuss with your team, the measures you would use to evaluate the entire call center.

Master Production Schedule

What are the purposes of MPS (master production schedule)? Find an example of an MPS from the Internet. Briefly describe this example, include the URL for this web site.

Prioritizing and Information Management

I need help with the following two examples . (1) Ana Maria arrived at the office a few minutes early to review the items on her task list for the day. Just as she was about to begin, her supervisor Ms. Baldwin arrived and told Ana Maria she had received a call at home last night. The national sales meeting scheduled for thre

Prototyping Article

"On Prototyping: The Simplest Solution Never Comes First? (Glei, nd)" The article was found on the website of 99U Making Bright Ideas Happen - http://99u.com/articles/5937/on-prototyping-the-simplest-solution-never-comes-first. Write a short paper that includes the following: - A description of the article and where it w

Policy on women in combat

Discuss the new policy on women in combat and explain why and why not they should be allowed. Relate any ethcial or moral issues that might be a factor. Use refrence articles that relate to the the topic and the reasons that support them being allowed and not allowed: - preferably at least five pages for research - include a

Public Administration Philosphy

Prepare a initial philosophy of public administration. Specifically, how would you approach at least the following criteria within the policymaking process? -Agenda setting -Policy decision or non-decision -Implementation of a new program or change in an old public program -Criticism from citizens and formal program evaluati

Honesty, Justice and Fairness in Mattel

How do the three virtues of honesty, justice, and fairness apply to the Mattel toy company case and describe how the three virtues have been used to guide the actions, behaviors, and policies of Mattel.

Compensation management - PTO

Q1.Many compensation professionals are faced with making choices about which discretionary benefits to drop because funds are limited and because costs of these benefits continually increase. List your top three discretionary benefits that you would not cut, your rationale for your decision, and factors that influence your decis