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Consenting to Sexual Harassment

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From the case study, according to her own testimony, Vinson acquiesced to Taylor's sexual demands. In this sense, her behavior was "voluntary." Determine if the voluntariness of her behavior means that she had consented to Taylor's advances and whether it means it was justified. Discuss which court(s) you thought was (were) right about this case. Support your position.

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My opinion is that this is a false belief on behalf of Taylor to think that Vinson consented to the sexual demands simply by acquiescing. Though Vinson did not necessarily speak up to oppose the sexual demands made of her, she also did not verbally consent.

There are two different types of ...

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This solution looks at the case study looking at Vinson vs. Taylor case, which involved sexual harassment allegations, and discusses if Vinson's voluntary behavior in acquiescing to Taylor's sexual demands implies consent to his actions and which court(s) of law you believe made the most fair decision on the case. [205 words]

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