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Public Administration: Four strategies to enforce sexual harassment policies

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What are four strategies or techniques you believe public managers ought to utilize to assist in enforcing sexual harassment policies? Describe them. Please submit in a word document. original work only. Include any reference used.

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The following problem discusses sexual harassment policies in the workplace.

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Strategies to Assist in Enforcing Sexual Harassment Policies

Some strategies and techniques are as follow that help public manager to utilize to assist in enforcing sexual harassment policies.

Provide Induction Program:

The public manager should provide an effective induction program for the employees and describe its benefits to them. In this induction program, the public manager should also explore the disadvantages of the sexual harassment to the employees. It helps the public manager to assist in enforcing sexual harassment policies. In this training program, the public manager should educate administrators, staff and other members of the company about sexual harassment policies and also ensure that the policies increase the chance of effective and efficient implementation in the organization and the first step to stop sexual harassment (Einarsen, Cooper, Hoel & Zapf, 2010).

In order to enforcing sexual harassment policies in the organization, manager should also educate about the ...

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