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    Sexual Harassment Prevention in an Education Environment

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    1. Analyze the concept of "sexual harassment."

    2. Discuss actions that constitute sexual harassment in the education environment and how common it is.

    3.Refer to case law related to sexual harassment in an education environment.

    4.What responsibility do schools have to end or prevent sexual harassment?

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    1. Analyze the concept "sexual harassment."

    The concept of sexual harassment is one which is not difficult to interpret but in practice, it is a difficult issue to quantify. Sexual harassment constitutes the unwanted touching, advancements, or other unwanted sexual attention by someone who attempts to placate this attention towards someone that doesn't reciprocate or want these advancements. This can be comments, touching, overtures, or other forms of advancements that are conducted by the person against the person that doesn't want the advancements. It is a issue that begins early for women in society as they represent the gender most targeted by sexual harassment, but this is constantly changing as different forms of harassment have begun to emerge such as homosexual sexual harassment. Nevertheless, the same premise is used for any type of sexual harassment wherein the person harassed is receiving unwanted sexual attention from another person regardless of the person's gender, race, or ethnicity.

    It is difficult to quantify the occurrence of sexual harassment as many instances of this behavior go unreported by those who suffer in silence. Even when the person reports sexual harassment, ...

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    This answer gives 700+ words on the different kinds of sexual misconduct in schools, from abuse to coercion to trading sexual favors for good grades. The legislation and punishments to deal with such cases are also included, along with references.