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    Issues in Sexual Harassment

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    Use the following references:

    Analyze the concept of sexual harassment:
    Discuss actions that constitute sexual harassment in the education environment. How frequently does it occur?
    Refer to case law related to sexual harassment in an education environment.
    Describe schools' responsibility to end or prevent sexual harassment.

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    Analyze the concept of sexual harassment.

    The concept of sexual harassment entails the unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any verbal or physical conduct that seeks to submit a person to engage in unwelcomed sexual acts as a term of employment, to receive admission to college, for better grades, etc. and with rejection of this unwelcome conduct used as a basis for failing the student, denying admission, or engaging in other behavior that is discriminatory based upon the sexual harassment. Sexual harassment becomes harassment when this conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, and offensive environment that unreasonably impacts a student's ability to learn in a safe and secure environment as the harassment is used to purposefully make the person submit to the unwanted ...

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