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Business Management

Using Rhetorical Devices for Persuasion

Write a short paragraph that contains a specific rhetorical device. It may be on any topic used for persuasion (e.g., TV advertisement, YouTube presentation, Blogs, editorials, etc.). Detail what the specific rhetorical device is, how it is used, and whether the persuasive technique is designed to be credible, mislead, etc.

Material requirements planning: shipping and assembling

** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** The following table lists the components needed to assemble an end item, lead times (in weeks), and quantities on hand. a. If 40 units of the end item are to be assembled, how many additional units of B are needed? (Hint: You don't need to develop an

Levels of interdependence in organizations

Identify three levels of interdependence and give an organizational example for each. Textbook: Organizational Behavior, 4th Edition. Emerging Realities for the Workplace Revolution. By: Steven L. McShane and Mary Ann Von Glinow

Federalism and the Individual

Explain how is policy development affected by federalism. Discuss the rights of individuals as they relate to policy development and explain the overall effect. Is this concerning? Please identify two examples.

Establishing a Drug-Testing Program at a Company

a. Should a company establish a drug-testing program? If so, recommend a specific policy for the program that includes disciplinary procedures for dealing with employees who test positive for drug use. b. What are the most difficult challenges facing an organization in establishing a drug-testing program? Discuss. c. Some obse


What are the benefits of creating a Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) before creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

The Non-egocentric Mind

Describe the logic of the non-egocentric mind. What are attributes of this mind, and how does it usually think? Present ideas about how you can expand your ability to think rationally.

Campus Food Service Case Study - Pressure to Under-report Accidents

Case Study: A student is asked to "minimize" accidents in a campus kitchen and that her grade depends on it. She was asked to glaze over accidents involving employee injuries and some OSHA issues. Provide examples that support why this student should not intentionally lie about these safety and health issues that were clearly

The Case For and Against Drug Testing

Please help answer the following questions. Should people be tested for drugs at work? Is this a good thing or is this something that violates the 14th amendment? Would testing make employees feel like criminals or is it good to keep the consistency of a company's control levels? (Such as a plant that works with hazardous ma

Best Human Capital Management Practice Analysis: Automobile Industry

Obtain a list of best practices for talent acquisition and the top five best human capital management practices within the automobile industry. Compare the top five best practices and prioritize them according to importance in the automobile industry. Evaluate the overall top ranked management practices relative to your sele

Calculate break-even point, total cost, total revenue and associated profits.

1. Preliminary plans are underway for construction of a new stadium for a major league baseball team. City officials question the number and profitability of the luxury corporate boxes planned for the upper deck of the stadium. Corporations and selected individuals may purchase a box for $300,000. The fixed construction cost for

Workforce Management Plan

In 350 words select an industry and create an individuated workforce management plan. Provide a short description of your selected industry and a rationale for your choice.

Managing High Performance: Delegation

Delegation is one of the basic activities of front-line supervisors and managers. It is a skill that not all of them possess. In fact, whether delegation occurs represents different management views on how the workforce should be managed and the assumptions about the workforce. What is delegation? Give an example.

The Problem Solving Process

1. Describe the Problem Solving Process. 2. Describe The Five Building Blocks of the Problem-Solving Heuristic. 3. Use a real life example of a problem to describe how to apply it (Heuristic Problem Solving).

Managers and the Level of Professional Plateau

In today's job market managers must ensure they continue to develop themselves personally and professionally in order to stay competitive within their industry. However, we often see many managers reach a level of professional plateau, get fired, or become forced to take an early retirement. Discuss why we often see managers

Empowerment for Managers and Its Impact on Employees

The foundation of any person in a management or leadership position is possessing the ability to empower peers and subordinates. However, regardless of the position a person holds we all have a different meaning for the term empowerment and managers must understand what empowers each individual subordinate. Discuss the import

Charts and Time Management

1. Gnatt charts, are they usefull or useless in organizations? Please explain 2. When estimating time for a project, what are the three main areas of focus in your organization or any organization for estimating time? Please explain. 3. What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches and under wha

Gift of the Goose

1. The Gift of the Goose is about enthusiasm?congratulating and acknowledging individuals for their contributions. Describe? in your own words ? what Andy Longclaw meant when he said that congratulations are true: Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, Enthusiastic. Give an example either from the book or from your own experience w

Jet Blue's Troubles

- Jet Blue's troubles did not end on this Valentine's day case. Check out what happened less than a year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkqmwoFUQmY - Here is a pretty thorough review of Jet Blue and some of their distress: http://www.aabri.com/manuscripts/10478.pdf - Evaluate whether or not Jet Blue was effect

Strategic Management Discussion

These days a vision and mission statement are required but how much does a company have to really believe in their mission? Is it really just a marketing tool and not really a mission to live by? Consider the company where you currently work, have worked in the past, or patronize on a regular basis. Evaluate the effectiveness

A Unique Small Business

STEP 1: Do some online investigation to identify a business that consider to be unique, odd, unusual or just plain weird. Provide documentation (e.g., news story, website, etc) of where you found this business and attach that documentation. Find the most unique small business possible. Use the definition of small busine

Management System in a Private University

Select an organization with which you are familiar. It can be your own organization. Describe the selected organization's management systems. Assess these systems in relationship to people, structure, process, and technology. Provide recommendations to the organization for developing more effective and efficient management syste

Procuring Services: Contributing Factors for Selecting a Supplier

Many projects need to procure services to execute successfully no matter what industry you are in. There is a personal relationship with the service provider, which makes collaboration much more important than when selecting goods products. Describe a project you have been involved with, or have knowledge of, where services were

Gift of the Goose - Cheering Others On

- Does your Organization provide Active Congratulations on a regular basis? How often? - How could you improve in this area? - Do your Organization provide Passive Congratulations on a regular basis? How often? - How could you improve in this area? - Does your Organization keep score? - What is your scoring system?

Internal Controls & Corporate Governance

You have met with a potential client, who informs you that all the employees and officers of his company are bonded. For this reason, he is requesting that under these conditions that you not look at his company's system of internal control so his company may reduce the cost of an audit. Prepare a letter to the potential clie

Discussing the Operations of Management Areas

Question: What are some common elements of the four operations management areas: productivity, inventory, capacity, and quality? Compare the relative importance of these in manufacturing.

Explain different styles of operation in different countries.

Question: Can you explain the different styles of operation in different countries? Here is an example: Operations in India would not serve beef out of respect for the religion. In Japan the staff knows they cannot leave before the manager, they eat little red meat so a fast food company might add more fish to meet their cul