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    Effectively Managing Business Meetings

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    What strategies would you employ to improve the usefulness of business meetings? Incorporate two or more of the strategic considerations (Should we meet, Who should attend, Premeeting Arrangements, Leadership Style, Decision-Making Format, Follow-Up).

    This solution includes "preparation" of a meeting, such as ensuring participants have the information they need prior to the meeting. An agenda will provide the foundation to keep the meeting "on track" and running effectively. There should also be a moderator or "lead" that is charged with keeping the discussing moving; and prohibits discussions which turn combative or verge off topic.

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    Often the most critical strategy for a business meeting is to have an agenda. This simple document typically outlines what topics will be discussed, who will present the information and may include any necessary reference material. The agenda serves as a guideline to keep the meeting focused and moving at an appropriate pace. Another helpful pre-meeting strategy is to send the agenda to the meeting attendees ahead of time; soliciting all questions by email, in order to ...

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    When bringing a group of people together for a meeting, it is easy to verge off course from the purpose. The most vital item to have for a conducive meeting is an agenda. This ensures the participants know what will be discussed and what the expectations are. In over 300 words, this solution provides several examples of what should be done, before and during a meeting to ensure it was effective.