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    Marketing and Advertising Technology Services (MATS), located in London, England has enjoyed significant growth since 1995. The advent of the Internet opened up opportunities for virtual business and expansion at a phenomenal growth rate.

    Karl Shaw, a British citizen, owns the virtual business that employs 500 people in 50 different countries. MATS helps small businesses advertise services and products online. Most MATS employees work from home or localized small offices. The organization refers to them as tele-employees. They use a variety of methods to communicate including face-to-face meetings, e-mail, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing.
    MATS customers are located in countries centralized in the Europe, North America, and South America. While the majority of the customers speak English, more than a quarter of MATS' customers speak Spanish as their primary/native language.


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    At a recent meeting, Mr. Karl Shaw, owner of MATS, comes to you and is confused about a few things. He knows that nearly all his employees speak English, but he is confused by all the variations of English that he sees in his e-mails from his employees.

    He finds that the English language seems to vary from region to region and country to country.

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    // In this paper, we will discuss about a firm named 'Marketing and Advertising Technology Services' (MATS), and the challenges faced when managing a virtual business. We begin with the Company details and the kind of workforce they employ: //


    Small Businesses which are not able to spend a large amount in managing and operating the marketing and advertising department, marketing and advertising service provider are very helpful for them. With the help of technology, these service providers help in advertising the products and the services online. Virtual businesses of providing marketing services are now growing very rapidly because of innovations in technology. Scope of virtual business is widened because of the invention of Internet. In virtual business, the main aim behind recruiting the personnel is to select the right person regardless of their location. The main challenge in front of virtual business manager is to manage the employees of the distant locations.

    In this case, Marketing and Advertising Technology Services (MATS), located in London, England is engaged in online advertisement of products and services of small businesses. Mr. Karl Shaw, who is a British citizen, is the owner of (MATS). MATS works on the principle of virtual business. Total employees of the business are 500 and all the employees are from distant places. They are from 50 different countries. Employees are working as tele-employees. Most of the employees of the organization provide their services to customer from their home or local offices. They are using different methods to communicate, like face-to-face meetings, e-mail, video-conferencing and teleconferencing etc.

    By using these modes of communication they are able to work for the organization from their native places. Invention of the Internet helped the virtual business to expand their business and to grow rapidly. Customers of the MATS are also from different ...

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