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Business Management

Analyzing the given investment options

A firm has the following investment opportunities: Project A Project B Project C Investment $150,000 $125,000 $100,000 NPV $30,000 $20,000 $25,000 IRR 14% 11% 13% If the cost of capital is 10% and the capital

Internal Service Functions

Short reflection Essay on Internal Service Functions from Public budgeting in America 5th Edition. Can you apply the concepts to your career? How?

Resistance to Change Amongst Employees

Employees often resist change because: they are often old and old people don't like change. they are low-level employees not capable of understanding change. it is natural to resist change. they were not involved in the process.

Teamwork Effective Model

In the Teamwork Effective Model, ____________ represents the confluence of forces, other than traditional organizational power, that allows a team to operate effectively. a) shared purpose b) shared responsibility c) enablement d) effective teamwork e) empowerment

Various Decision Models

A manager is deciding whether or not to build a small facility. Demand is uncertain and can be either at a high or low level. If the manager chooses a small facility and demand is low, the payoff is $300. If the manager chooses a small facility and demand is high, the payoff is $100. On the other hand, if the manager chooses a l

Training, Development, and Career Management

1. Select one topic that might be important as a training topic in Mercedes-Benz USA. What might be the training method used (online, in-house classroom, an away seminar, on-the-job-training, or other method). Provide a summary description so that your reader has a good idea of the training topic and delivery method you refer to

Report on Machinery / Equipment Hazards

Give a background about workplace. Select 2 items of machinery / equipment that are commonly used at your workplace. This report should be done based on your actual workplace assessment of the machinery / equipment operation and / or maintenance within the workplace. It should evaluate the existing workplace practices with those

Demand Management and Forecasting in Business

Looking into the future is a conundrum: it is both necessary and impossible to do with complete accuracy. From knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow to trying to decide what the stock market will do, forecasting is an activity that consumes a considerable amount of our attention because it impacts our lives so directly.

Writing Persuasive Memos

Draft a persuasive e-mail addressed to Business Division faculty members. Ask them to begin emptying their own desk trash cans weekly into the large dumpsters in the basement. Supply additional plausible details to enhance this persuasive message.

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Strategic Management

1. In current market conditions, companies need to gain and then maintain a competitive edge over their competitors. They do this by employing a compelling and dynamic strategic management process to create a strategy that helps them achieve their goals before one of their competitors does. What factors make up this process? How

Calculating the project completion time and variance

General Motors is planning a new ad campaign targeted at aging Boomers who seek roominess, comfort and elegance. Based on past experience, Task #1 usually takes days 52. If things do not go as planned, the task will take 74 days. If things go very well, Task #1 can be completed in 40 days. Task #2 usually takes 87 days. Ta

Self-Managing Teams

Today's organizational cultures require highly functioning self-managed teams. In today's organizational cultures it's important that working teams have the autonomy to identify organizational challenges, are empowered to establish strategies for dealing with those challenges, and then are accountable for the outcomes of their a

Management Questionnaire

Your team is tasked with the job of developing a questionnaire for your department on "How responsive is management to your needs?" What five questions would you ask? Why would these responses be valuable for you?

The Role of Financial Management in a Firm

Examine the role of management as it relates to finance in a corporation. In your post, discuss the role of management by addressing the following prompts: -Explain the various aspects of finance that management must understand. -Describe why a manager needs to understand the characteristics and importance of financial marke

Multi-Functional Team Simulation

The simulation requires you to function as a member of a multi-functional team. Consider the role of multi-functional teamwork in business decision making: -What is the purpose of multi-functional teams in business decision making? -How should multi-functional team decisions be made to obtain the benefits of multi-functional

Help desk manager training program

Outline a training program that will ensure that the new manager is properly trained and qualified to perform their new duties. Keep in mind that this person has little or no managerial experience, so they will need to be trained in the policies and procedures of the company, but might also benefit from managerial training throu

Coaching to Solve Interpersonal Issues at Work

The case study: Jennifer is the Accounting Department manager for a regional chain of convenience stores. She is a "superstar" with a bachelor's degree, passed the CPA exam, and is really exceptional in her accounting knowledge. She has implemented two accounting procedural changes that have streamlined the work and resulted in

Evaluating and using effective time management

Ralph was the purchasing manager for the northwest region of an electronic assembler. He and his staff were responsible for maintaining inventory for his company's three assembly plants that made various makes of car audio equipment. He had been in his job four years, and in that time his company's sales volume had nearly dou

Fitness Bootcamp Camp Customer Expectations

The most important concepts to be applied: Intention is to investigate the relationship expectations of management and consumers of a outdoor fitness business known as Rebelbootcamp in a non bias manner. The projects main goal will be to highlight how the company conducted its customer expectations. The project layout will be

Rescource Scheduling

Analyze the concept of resource scheduling and evaluating various methods used to schedule resources in project management. Your analysis should include the following: -An analysis of the benefits and challenges associated with resource scheduling -A discussion of at least two methods used to schedule resources and examples o

The impact of the legally required benefits upon additional benefits

1. From the employer's perspective, please assess the impact of the legally required benefits upon additional benefits the employer might choose to offer its employees. 2. In terms of discretionary benefits, prioritize those you believe to be most desirable among today's employees.

Technological Revolutions: Knowledge

Technological Revolutions Do you agree with the assertion that we are now living in the third great technological transformation called the "Knowledge Revolution"? Have computers truly changed our lives so much that we can call this a revolution like the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century?

Resistance at all levels

Write a reflective paper that discusses resistance at three levels: -Individual -Departmental/team/unit -Systems or organizational in general Analyze the various dynamics that account for an apparent inability or unwillingness to learn? How do you identify resistance? How do you overcome resistance as a leader? In analyzin

Stratagic Management Auto Zone

Please help me understand how you would define Auto Zone's industry? Would you include new car dealerships and/or discount stores in the industry? Why or why not?

A Discussion On Organization Design

1. How much do you think it is possible for an outsider to discern about the underlying cultural values of an organization by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, or other observable aspects of culture, compared to an insider with several years of work experience? Select a percentage (e.g., 10%, 70%) and discuss your reasoning.

Letter Sample - Requesting a Community Figure to Give a Lecture

The scenario for the basis of this letter is: Write a proposal letter to a respected community figure asking him to deliver a lecture and dinner speech at an annual festival. The sample letter provided is about three paragraphs, including a brief summary of the Boys & Girls Club as the sample organization with the annual fes

Network activity chart

Develop the network activity chart and identify the critical path for a project based on the information provided below: Activity.......Expected Duration (days).......Predecessor A...............................5....................................---- B..............................10....................................A

Policy Analyst Skills

What skills should a policy analyst use when developing documents to communicate a policy recommendation? How do these skills differ from the skills used to analyze the program? Why might they be more effective?

Code and Cross-Reference Letters

Code and Cross-Reference Letters: Paper records, such as letters, must be indexed and coded properly before filing. A cross-reference should be prepared when a record may be requested under a different name than the one it is filed under. Practice coding letters and preparing cross-reference sheets in this activity. 1. Op

Service and Product Design

The manager wants the production department to be aware of the differences between service and product design when designing and producing the new running shoe. Department members are confused as to how they can design the product with service as a key factor. Complete the following: - Write a memo to the production departmen