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Business Management

Four Factors: The Usefulness of Information

Discuss the four factors that determine how useful information is to a manager, and give a specific business example of each of these factors in a specific business situation of your choosing. Your tutorial is 250 words and gives an example of the four factors when buying a new piece of equipment.

Earmark Grants

When it's Budget Season Nonprofit Financial Management Issues can be found in the debates happening locally and nationally. One of the big debates in recent years in Washington D.C. was around the issue of Earmark Grants. Earmarks were eliminated in the 2011 budget and with all the discussion around the debt ceiling, etc, it doe

Labeling food that contains GMOs

What is the process of making GMO's and how is it different from growth hormones? How does technology relate to the labeling of GMO's? What is the percentage of GMO in food that mandates it to be labled as containing GMO?

Conducting exit interviews

Exit interviews can be a great source of information by providing managers insight into the reasons why employees have left an organization. Henemann indicates that the first step in conducting an exit interview would begin with ensuring that the interviewer is someone "...who has been trained in how to conduct exit interviews"

Data for Weighting Business Risks

1. Many times we make decisions based upon our initial reaction - without reviewing or getting data. What data do we need for CanGo to make decisions? Explain. 2. How might you recommend a company to apply weighting factors to risks?

Change Control Management

What can happen if an organization does not have an established change control management process? As a project manager, how would you ensure control management is accomplished?

Michelin Tires: Utilizing the Scientific Method

In April 2012, Michelin Tires recalled 77,000 tires for a safety problem. How would you use the scientific method to identify the problem for the Michelin company? Discuss whether using the scientific method is helpful for identifying the safety issue. Your tutorial is 269 words (two paragraphs) and discusses how the scientif

Critiquing Videos In Strategic Management

Critique the following five videos. Critiques should include developmental feedback (strong points of the presentation and aspects that may be improved - both in terms of content and presentation style/skills... When suggesting improvements, it is important to provide suggestions as to how an improvement might be made!) A review

Salaried versus waged

1. Please list a few examples of how laws affect the wages that employees are paid. It would help if you brought in specific private-sector examples as appropriate. 2. What is your opinion on the quote, "Do laws interfere with or complement an employer's goal of using wage and salary (pay) plans to recruit, motivate and reta

The Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Do you see value in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a means of increasing employee self-awareness? Justify your position with support from the text and/or additional academic sources.

Comparing and Contrasting Writer's Style and Tone

Compare and contrast the following two sentences, taking into consideration the writer's style and tone: Regarding the prices of our products, respondents to our recent survey were negative. One third of them stated that if they could buy from another supplier, they would. Clearly we are making enemies with our high pric

Telework programs for for-profit companies

You are an organizational manager for a for-profit company. Develop a forum post that addresses the following: Can offering employees the opportunity to participate in a structured telework program benefit an organization? Consider the recent controversial decisions by companies such as Yahoo and BestBuy. What advice would yo

Analyzing Jones Soda's Target Demographic and Expansion

Jones Soda There are few companies with as intimate a relationship with their target market as Jones Sodas of Seattle, Washington. Jones was started by Peter van Stolk, whose innovative idea of making soft drinks with names like Fufu Berry and Perspiration was a hit with the young, hip counter-culture demographic that was hi

Helping team member / role expectations

1. If you see a team member who is struggling, what are you going to do to help? 2. Have you ever been in a role that wasn't predefined with expectations? What were the results?

U.S. vs. Canada's Social Security System

Compare and contrast the U.S' Social Security system with that of Canada (or another country of your choice). Your paper should contain the following sections, with one or two paragraphs in each section. Introduction to the U.S. Social Security system (based on textbook readings) Introduction of the Canadian (or other) sys

Structures That Facilitate Creativity Within An Organization

1. What structures and conditions facilitate creativity and innovation within an organization? What structures inhibit creativity and innovation? Give examples of each. 2. Share an example when you have observed dysfunctional learning within an organizational. Discuss ways to avoid or change the dysfunctional behavior.

Making recommendations

When 'making recommendations', the analysis must make a logical argument that shows how the problem led to the analysis, and how the analysis led to the recommendations proposed; which provides for a close-looped root cause analysis. True or False

Strategic management case analysis'

19. A strategic management case analysis helps to develop an ability to evaluate business situations critically. An analysis requires you to look deeply into the information provided and toot out the essential issues and causes of a company's problems. True or False

Analyzing Case Material

Becoming familiar with the case material is the first major analytical step. This step may entail: 1) to read case to get an overall sense of material, 2) re-read case to assess possible links to strategic concepts, 3) re-read in more detail and make key notes, 4) evaluate strategic concepts and suggest alternatives, and 5) form

Interrelated problems

When identifying a problem, the analysis may discover that the case may have more than one problem. However, problems are usually interrelated. Therefore, articulating the problem statement is a good technique to help scope the problem. True or False

Proposing Alternative Solutions: Central Ideas

The central idea of proposing alternative solutions include: 1) to develop a list of options, 2) to ask how the choices will be implemented, 3) to find solutions that solve the problem and that the solution choice is realistic. True or False?

Integrating in a case analysis

To integrate, in a case analysis, is to look at the big picture and having an organization wide perspective. In addition, changes made in one part of the organization may affect other parts. True or False

Managing Strategically

Strategic managers must be certain that all the problems identified are eventually addressed. Writing out a problem statement helps strategic managers ensure the required solutions are formulated; thus not leaving anything unaddressed. True or False?

The fifth step in an analysis

The fifth step in an analysis involves making recommendations. Here, the strategic manager: 1) describes, in great detail, exactly how things will be done, 2) explains why this course of action will solve the problem, 3) provides suggestions for how best to implement the proposed solutions, and articulate the implications and ri

Second Analysis

When in the second analysis step, identifying problems, the main goal is to lock-down the root of the problem, for which solutions are developed. Therefore, one cannot find a solution, unless the problem is known. T or F?

Case Analysis Techniques

A case analysis is a process, and techniques are useful. One suggested technique is to place yourself in the case situation, often by looking at the case from the perspective of the strategic decision maker, or as a member of the board of directors, or as a contracted consultant. T or F?