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Business Management

Previous Management Experience

Review previous management experience that you have had. As this is a personal review, it does not matter if you were managing in a health services organization or some other industry. In the review of your previous management experience, what types of lessons were learned, mistakes made, high points, low points - could they hav

Critical versus Natural Thinking

Discuss the differences between the ways that humans naturally think and the ways that humans think critically. Explain at least two natural modes of thought in your own mind that you feel you need to confront with some deep-sense critical thinking.

Mountain West Health Plans, Inc.

Mountain West Health Plans, Inc. Review the case for critical analysis "Mountain West Health Plans, Inc." Analyze the issues faced by Martin Quinn. Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Evelyn Gustafson and Erik Rasmussen. Discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two leadership styles. Explain what you would

Southwest Airlines' Efficiency and Cost Execution

Assess how Southwest Airlines' culture is different from other airline competitors and the resulting impact on business performance. *Southwest Airlines' management believes that employees come first and customers come second. Assess the merits of this belief, indicating your agreement or disagreement with the approach. Prov

Fiscal Disparity in Virginia Schools

1. Examine and evaluate the disparity of Virginia's budget allocation for education and property tax to the various localities. 2. Based on your assessment, challenge or defend the equity of the system across the various localities. Reference: Mikesell, J. L. (2010). Fiscal administration: Analysis and applications fo

The Personal Commercial

A personal commercial is a brief career biography that conveys your career choice, knowledge, skills, strengths, abilities, and experiences that make you uniquely qualified for a position in which you are applying. What content is most important to focus on in a personal commercial?

Professionalism in the Workplace: Power Words

Power words are action verbs that describe your accomplishments in a lively and specific way. Think about the top five accomplishments and performance skills that you can demonstrate effectively. What power words can you communicate that promote energy while explaining your work skills, experience, and accomplishments? (Explain

Case Study: Trading Scandal at Societe Generale

Consider the case of the internal fraud committed by an employee, Jerome Kerviel, at Societe Generale, France's second largest banking establishment. 1. Peter Gumble, European editor for Fortune magazine comments: "[This] might be shocking for people unfamiliar with the high-risk, high-reward culture of most trading floors,

Sex and Women's Careers

Explain the effects of sex segregation, sex discrimination, and sexual harassment on women's careers. Discuss at least one court case related to each of these concepts

Enhancing Self Esteem in the Workplace

Self-esteem relates to the way an individual views one's self. This belief can impact a person's degree of confidence or a level of insecurity. If you were a supervisor in a prominent organization, how might you deal with an employee who displays a poor self-esteem? Must be at least 200 words Explain.

Change Management Models for Organizations

Organizations, like all cultures, must continue to evolve or they stagnate and eventually become obsolete. Using change management tools can help an organization to stay vibrant and evolve over time to remain competitive. Research change management models and address the following: Describe two or three change management

Maximum Profit & Constraints

Kite 'N String manufacture old-fashioned diagonal and box kites from high-strength paper and wood. Each diagonal kite nets the company a $3 profit, requires 8 square feet of paper and 5 feet of wood. Each box kite nets $5, requires 6 square feet of paper and 10 feet of wood. Each kite is packaged in similar containers. This week

The Social Change

As a group, you plan to volunteer your time at the American Red Cross and intend to do some cleaning and help volunteers who have donated blood. Questions: An analysis of the sustainability of the impact of voluntarily work at the American Red Cross - Will your impact outlive your activity? How long will the impact survive? Ho

Employee Evaluation Process

Discuss the employee evaluation process as it exists within your organization or one that you are familiar with. Is there ample opportunity for the employee to provide feedback? Are the expectations of the employee made clear on day one of his/her employment? Discuss the changes that you would make in this process and how these

Deciphering problems with question sets

1. Identify the problem with the following questionnaire items: a. Which is the most serious social problem in the U.S. today, anomie or oversocialization? b. Do you think there is a good market for the product and that it will sell well? Answer: This is a double barreled question and such questions should be avoided.

The Costs of Turnover Within a Health Services Organization

In 1-2 pages, examine the costs of turnover within a health services organization such as a hospital or a skilled nursing facility. Be sure to examine financial costs as well as costs to quality, morale, etc. How can a manager reduce these costs?

Tools of Control

Please discuss the tools of control (e.g. Gantt Chart, flowchart, etc.) and evaluate the tools' strengths and weaknesses as it applies to their application within the health services organization. Is there one that stands out over the others? Is there one that is dependent on the situation?

Assessing the Importance of Goals

There are times when policies and procedures are rolled from the top down without input from the lower level employees. Assuming that the policy or procedure ultimately is too restrictive to be successful, what options do lower level employees have to voice their concerns or disagreement without appearing to be non-compliant, or

Pros and Cons of foreign discounters in India

Select an article related to "Costco in India" (saying you think is a great idea) which you think presents the author's perspective persuasively while also showing opposing views clearly and fairly, and, in two paragraphs, explain why you think the author demonstrates good critical thinking. In the first paragraph, summarize

Consumer Product Inc's Valuation

Scenario: Consumer Products Inc. (CPI) is a U.S. regional consumer products company located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company manufactures and distributes a small line of consumer products to retailers in major western cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix. The company has an excellent rep

Three Components of Job Burnout

The Director of Nursing at Smalltown General Hospital claims that several nurses are experiencing job burnout. Describe the three components of job burnout that should be evident from these nurses. Your description of each component should include an example related to nursing. Also, briefly identify two possible characteristics

Beaver and Squirrel Type Personalities in the Workplace

See the attached file. If you search online, you may find descriptions of the personality types of workers described in terms of 'squirrels' (often in management) and 'beavers' (typically subordinates). Answer the following. What are three things the squirrel type employee is known for? What do squirrels feel is valuabl

Rational choice, competing values and judgment heuristics models

Your manager, Mr. Myers, has just received an e-mail from the board of directors informing him that he has the responsibility of creating your next assignment for the promotion. Because Mr. Myers is behind on his work around the office, he gives you the assignment of preparing a memo for the next staff meeting. He explains to yo

Public Relations: Awareness, Activities, and Issues

All questions response MUST include your SPECIFIC reference in APA format for each question. Please do not just post the text citation but tell me the page and paragraph or other source. All questions must have a reference or citation and please provide page and paragraph or other source 1. A public relations is used to crea

Dedicated Time for Small Restaurant Consultant

You have just been hired as a consultant to a small restaurant chain. You realize that to be successful you must focus all your time on the following 4 key areas: Sales. Operations. People Development.