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    In identifying situations for which a job search maybe necessary, my approach to the campaign is a bit confusing to me. What would be an example of a job campaign as I have identified the reasons as starting my career, being tired of my current job, boosting my career, and possibly being laid off from the current position.

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    According to many, searching for a job is different than campaigning for one. With job campaigning, the individual is in control and is actively seeking out opportunities instead of waiting for a job to find them. In the situations you gave, it is important to identify that in each scenario, you are in the one in control of your job destiny.

    Staring a career- Actively campaigning for the career path you desire is the first step. Being persistent in your efforts, contacting the hiring managers, following up with you resume submissions and providing ...

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    A discussion regarding identifying some situations in which a job search might be necessary including job campaigning in different times of an individual's life. 371 words.