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Job Search using Internet Sites

Create a tip sheet, containing 15-20 tips, regarding Internet sites which are helpful in career and job search research.

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Tips on websites to use for job search
These Websites have many of the same features and benefits. I have listed some tips to help on a job search. Although it in not all inclusive it is a good tool to help a job seeker.
1. CareerBuilder - This website is the number 1 job site for both job listings and job seekers. Some companies use this site for all of their employment needs. You can search by company, income, states and much more. This site will send you recommended jobs according to your previous searches as well.
2. Indeed.com. - Indeed lists millions of jobs according to your search requirements. It also contains job boards and newspaper job listings. Hiring managers can find your resume on this web site as well. Jobs are listed here from across the web.
3. Simplehired.com - This website has a look and feel just like Indeed.com. Your search can be multifaceted, even your education level. You can post your resume on this site.
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The solution discusses searching for jobs using Internet sites.