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    Planning trip presentation

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    I need help with the following PPT example project.

    You work for a travel agency and you are planning a presentation for potential travelers. You must create a PowerPoint presentation for a group trip you are planning. Provide a presentation for people about a country, state, or city of your choice. You will need to do a little research about your location to provide details such as points of interest, population, culture, and so on.

    Your PowerPoint presentation must have the following at minimum:

    The information above can be used as a starting point. If you are going to include points of interest, provide specific details. For example, Hohenschwangau Castle was the childhood home of King Ludwig II. You should include as much information as possible, but don't overwhelm the slide so it is too much or unreadable.

    You must have a minimum of 5 slides.

    You must assign a background to all slides.

    Use WordArt where applicable. Don't overuse, but don't underuse either.

    Your first slide needs to have a background picture with a Word Art title.

    Each slide must have a picture with information about that particular place.

    On at least one slide, insert and format a shape. This could be a background for an interesting piece of information or used in any way you see fit.

    Titles, such as Hohenschwangau Castle, should be different from the other information, such as childhood home of King Ludwig II. Remember, you want to accentuate the main information and supporting information should be different. Use bold, underlining, larger font sizes, italics, etc. to separate the title from the supporting information.

    Apply transitions to all slides. They are your choice. Don't forget to change the timing of the transitions.

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