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    Influence Chart and Spreadsheet

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    Constance's Vacation to New York

    Projected expenses broken down into 2 categories: "living expenses" (for food and lodging) and "vacation expenses" (for travel and internment). For planning purposes: plans to spend $90 per day for food and $ 170 per day for lodging. Travel costs a lump sum of $375 (including airline tickets and transportation to and from both airports) Total entertainment costs are estimated to be $50 per day (daily entertainment), plus $200 for two big evenings on Broadway (evening entertainment).

    (a) How would a model (" influence chart") that "leads to " total expenses for Constance's vacation. She will decide on the number of days for the trip after looking at the model, but tentatively she is planning on 5 days. She has $2,000 to spend on her trip. These are the "terms" she is looking at:

    Total expenses living expenses vacation expenses
    Food expense lodging expense entertainment expense
    Travel expense food per day number of days
    Lodging per day daily entertainment evening entertainment
    Entertainment per day

    (b) What would each be identify as: dependent variable, independent variable, intermediate variable or a constant.

    (c) How would the influence chart look like if it was a spreadsheet.

    (d) What options would Constance have if she wants the trip to be as long as possible and wants to spend as much of the $2,000 as she could

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