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    Spreadsheets and Charts/Graphs

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    Use this spreadsheet template for the Spreadsheet and Charts/Graphs
    On the Data worksheet, include the following information in the appropriate columns from the students'
    Technology Biography and Self-Assessments
    a) Student Last Name
    b) Student First Name
    c) Years Teaching
    d) Proficiency Number (Enter actual number [1, 2, 3, 4, or 5] provided by student)
    1) Word Processing
    2) Database
    3) Spreadsheet
    4) Graphics
    5) Presentation
    6) Internet
    7) Computer Instruction
    8) Troubleshooting
    e) Write formulas to calculate each of the following:
    1) Average of each numeric column to two decimal places
    2) Median of each numeric column
    3) Mode of each numeric column
    f) Copy all information on the Data worksheet and place it on the Ascending by LName worksheet
    Sort the information in ascending order by last name
    g) Copy all information on the Data worksheet and place it on the Descending by FName worksheet
    Sort the informatory in descending order by first name
    h) On the Graph/Chart Worksheet, create a Clustered Column bar chart displaying the Average of the Proficiency Numbers
    Include a title and the legend. On the bar chart legend, change:
    1) Word Processing to WP
    2) Database to DB
    3) Spreadsheet to SS
    4) Graphics to GR
    5) Presentaton to PR
    6) Internet to INT
    7) Technology Instructon to TI
    8) Technology Troubleshooting to TT
    i) On the Graph/Chart Worksheet, under the bar chart, create a 3D pie chart displaying the percentage of numbers assigned in the Computer Instruction column. Include a title and the legend

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