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Business Management

Rational choice, competing values and judgment heuristics models

Your manager, Mr. Myers, has just received an e-mail from the board of directors informing him that he has the responsibility of creating your next assignment for the promotion. Because Mr. Myers is behind on his work around the office, he gives you the assignment of preparing a memo for the next staff meeting. He explains to yo

Public Relations: Awareness, Activities, and Issues

All questions response MUST include your SPECIFIC reference in APA format for each question. Please do not just post the text citation but tell me the page and paragraph or other source. All questions must have a reference or citation and please provide page and paragraph or other source 1. A public relations is used to crea

Dedicated Time for Small Restaurant Consultant

You have just been hired as a consultant to a small restaurant chain. You realize that to be successful you must focus all your time on the following 4 key areas: Sales. Operations. People Development.

Costa Rica Presentation

Your manager has just told you that your last assignment was a hit with the board of directors, and the board is almost convinced that you will be promoted. He also explains that the board has sent him the next assignment for you to complete and pass. With that in mind, he explains that you must prepare a presentation for the bo

Success Case Evaluation Method and Five Steps of SCM

Can you help me explain how the SCM approach could be used to evaluate a specific type of training in your organization or one with which you are familiar. I need to Include details about each of the five essential steps of the methodology. Thanks for your help.

Measurement disfunction examples in business

Can you describe any instances you have experienced or researched with "measurement dysfunction?" How could this dysfunction have been avoided or corrected? Can you cite your sources using APA format and I only need a 200-300 thought. Thanks.

Territory Organization Plan

Organizing a territory is important because it helps determine how to work smarter, not harder. For example, with the price of gas, it may not be smart to go from one side of a territory to another in one day, but instead to concentrate on various parts of the territory over the course of a week. Create a plan that maximizes

American History of Health Insurance.

Question: Health insurance is a concept developed in the United States and now appearing in many other nations of the world. Its history and development is an interesting story. Briefly trace the history of health insurance in America, from the beginnings with Blue Cross up to the Managed Care era.

Temporary Workers Friction Case Study

The case study is attached in full, but here is the summary and questions: Summary: Special groups are portrayed here as sharing two common characteristics: They all have jobs with high potential for conflict, and resolution of this conflict is central to the goals of the organization. Probably because of these characterist

Discussing Business Research Methods

I am trying to figure out these sample questions, but am having some difficulties. I looked for the steps in Wikipedia and they did not seem clear to me. I would like to understand how to get the solution for these problems below. Thanks. 1. Below are listed the steps in the process of testing a hypothesis in a quantitative

Changes in Healthcare

Question: How do we as healthcare managers stay abreast of changes that will impact the health service organization? Explain your answer.

Healthcare Managers

Question: Healthcare is constantly changing. How do we as healthcare managers lead this change?

Team Focus

Question: How do we keep the team focused on productivity and also, how do we ensure that all team members have a voice in the decision making process? Should everyone have an equal say? Why or why not?

Healthcare Telecommuting

In an increasing technological environment, there will be an increase in the number of employees who telecommute to work. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting from a healthcare perspective.

Custom creativity at work

I need help with the following assignment: Imagine that you are an independent consultant that was hired by ePrize to evaluate its culture of creativity. You have been asked to report your findings, including your assessment of the CEO, at their next company "huddle." To prepare for this assignment, complete the following ac

Blogs & Wikis

"Blogs" or web logs provide an easy way for people to post opinions on any subject - including work-related issues or individuals. Some businesses have established their own blogs, often written by the CEO. Some companies have fired or disciplined employees for what they say on their blogs. The best way to handle these concerns

Organization Development Consulting Effectiveness

After viewing the 3 youtube links, would you write 2-3 pages in which you discuss the similarities and differences between internal and external consulting? The Deloitte Consulting Internship Experience: How Far Will You Take It? Internal Consultant - http://ww

Benefits for Part-Time Workers

In 300 words, argue for or against the hiring of part-time workers based on the issues surrounding providing part-time workers with benefits. Assuming that the firm should offer benefits to part-time workers, recommend which benefits should be offered. Provide your rationale.

Case Study: "Startups Born with Conflicts"

Read the case study "Startups Born with Conflicts" from the book "Case Studies in Project, Program and Organizational Project Management" by Dragan Z. Milosevic. The company Northwest FCV is a new startup in an automobile assembly business. It has organized a task force to identify and resolve conflicts. Discussion items

Tacit and Explicit Knowledge.

Provide three examples of tacit knowledge; provide three examples of explicit knowledge. Discuss how you might use this knowledge.

Confidence in Simulation Results

Scenario: A project team developed a detailed construction plan that includes activities with uncertain duration's, including precedence constraints. The plan was simulated 10 times, and using a significance level of 0.05, the expected project duration was found to be: - 365 ± 47 days In other words, the true mean duration

Total Cost Analysis for Supplier Selection

5. The Burdell Wheel and Tire Company assembles tires to wheel rims for use on cars during manufacture of vehicles by the automotive industry. Burdell wants to locate a low-cost supplier for the tires he uses in his assembly operation. The supplier will be selected based on total annual cost to supply Burdell's needs. Burdell's

Which location would you recommend based upon weighted score?

A manufacturer's research and development center must expand by building a new facility. The search has been narrowed to five locations, all of which are acceptable to management. The assessment of these sites is being made on the basis of the five subjective location factors that follow. Management has agreed to use a five-poin

Healthcare - Licensure, Certification and Registration

The general public typically uses the terms licensure, certification, and registration interchangeably when referring to medical professionals. However, each term has a specific and important meaning with regard to regulating medical occupations. Explain the meaning of these terms, and relate the important differences among them

DoD Contracting

James will award a service contract when he signs the Standard Form 33, with the contract attached. James documented his best-value award decision. James also notified successful offeror, documented that he would serve as the administrative contracting officer (ACO), appointed a contracting officer's representative (COR)/qual

Importance of the Strategic Management Process

- Describe the primary components of a strategic management process, and indicate why a strategic management process is needed for a company. - Research at least one company and describe the strategic management process that the company uses. ( Walmart) - Include references

Management - Organization Information

A. How does your organization manage inventory? B. How do costs affect inventory size? C. What two basic questions must be answered by an inventory-control decision rule? D. What impact will RFID have on the supply chain? E. What is the role of safety stock in a material requirement planning (MRP) system? F.