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Business Management

Comment on Article - GE Acquiring Engine Supplier

Please help me comment on the article below: Italy Becomes a Hunting Ground for Multinational reveals how GE and other American firms are taking advantage of the opportunities available in the euro-zone due to the debt crisis. GE is, again, doing what is known to do best: invest in those companies that are weak financially b

Hoffman versus Caterpillar Court Decision

What were the 2 legal issues in the Hoffman v Caterpillar case? What did the court decide? For each issue try to write using a brief version of the IRAC (Issue-Rule-Application-Conclusion). There will be two IRAC analyses, one for each issue. Finally, what do you think will be the final outcome of this case? Was it decided fairl

Statute of Frauds and Work Contracts

Jennifer Masterson had been searching for a job since receiving her MBA in Accounting. She interviewed with a large firm, and they made her an offer for employment starting at an annual salary of $50,000. Taking the job meant that Jennifer would have to move to a new town, leaving her friends and family behind. Before accepting,

Caveat Emptor and Suggestions for Consumers

Please help with the following problem. Define and discuss the concept of Caveat Emptor and some different suggestions for consumers using statistical findings to guard themselves against being misled.

Evaluation of Performance in an Organization 325 word essay with reference

Once an organization establishes goals and measures to evaluate performance, research must be conducted to identify shortfalls and training indicators needed in order to increase job performance. Data collected can be stored and used to identify shortfalls and employee training indicators. Define and discuss some of the prima

Hermann's whole brain concept

Do you believe understanding your preferences according to the whole brain model can help you be a better leader? Discuss and explain your answer.

Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

Riordan Manufacturing Case Study 1. Explain how the global market would affect the business strategy of Riordan. 2. What internal dynamics along with cultural and structural leadership considerations should be used in implementing business strategy for Riordan? 3. How do they influence business continuity (the internal dynami

US Immigration and Public Policy

Identify a current public policy issue/controversy in the news today. Describe and analyze the scope of the public policy concern. Who are the stakeholders and affected constituencies? What political institutions are relevant to the policy discussion about this issue? What are some of the proposed policies to add

An Ideal Bureaucracy

Describe how you would adjust, amend, or reform the current bureaucracy to meet the needs of the United States in the 21st century. Consider the following questions: is the current American bureaucracy in need of reform, or does it largely meet the needs of society? Do you believe that there are deep systemic and fundamental cha

Characteristics of the Modern Bureaucracy

Discuss your view regarding the modern bureaucracy, particularly regarding the size of the bureaucracy, its role in daily public life, and characteristics of the civil service workforce. In particular, discuss whether it should be easier to hire and terminate civil servants based on their performance, and whether high-performing

Budgetary Priorities.

The president and the Congress identify budgetary priorities by the level of funding appropriated to address those public policy problems. Identify a specific public policy problem that, in your opinion, has not received sufficient funding from Washington or from your state. Consider issues such as health care, education, vetera

Types of Budgeting Models

Discuss the differences between the rational budgeting and incremental budgeting models. What advantages and disadvantages can you identify relating to both models? What improvements, if any, would you make to either model?

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two important rights individuals have in the United States. Today, there are so many news outlets featured on the radio, television, cable, and the Internet that are competing for our attention to the degree that some news media emphasize very sensitive and controversial subjects as

Evaluator as a Career Choice

Would a career as an evaluator be interesting to you? Why or why not? Support your opinions by referencing sources such as a textbook or internet research. Be sure to cite your sources.

Procedures, Challenges and Accountability

Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions: 1. Explain why and how state and local governments should install procedures to prevent loss of public funds. 2. A first-time budget analyst faces challenges in the new role. Identify and discuss three (3) strategies you may use to ensure that you are eff

Gore's Assault on Reason

In light of Gore's Assault on Reason, suggest a course that may be given to first-year college students to improve the quality of their reasoning powers. What sort of readings, exercises, problems or other educational or training assignments might you suggest would be valuable in order to, for example, improve their ability to d

Analyzing Job Satisfaction Survey Data

You have joined a new hospital and you have been reading some internal documents. You find that the hospital conducted a job satisfaction survey among its staff three years earlier. A market research firm had conducted the survey, analyzed the data, and provided results. How will you evaluate this report? Suppose you decide to d

Allowing New Casinos to be Built

1. What are the pros (3)and cons (3) of allowing a Casino to be built in a State in the US that has not previously allowed casinos (ie: Massachusetts)? Please explain each. 2. You have the opportunity to be on the Casino Planning Committee for your community. What are the 3 points that you would emphasize that would have a

The Traditional Litigation System

Compare and contrast the traditional litigation system with the nontraditional forms of ADR. Use APA and include at least two references.

Evaluation Useful Technologies for an Organization

I am trying to conduct further research into one of the specific emerging technologies affecting evaluation that you find particularly interesting or potentially useful in your organization. Submit your work in a 2-3 page paper using APA format.

Communicating a New Requirement to Employees

You are the CEO of Prestige Health Care System, a full-service, 400-bed hospital, home health agency, and rehabilitation center. The Executive Board of Trustees has decided that all employees must complete a HRA (Health Risk Assessment) and follow a health plan in order to receive free health care insurance within the Prestige s

Strategic African Leadership

Create a power point with of information about an African leader such as Shirley Chisholm. Examine how her actions relate to strategic leadership and positive social change.

Two Forms of Sexual Harassment

Distinguish between the two forms of sexual harassment: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. Provide an example of each.