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Advantages in Short Cycle Time Development

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of short cycle time development? Do these mitigate the decision to outsource?

Please see the following article for reference:

Baskerville, R., & Pries-Heje, J. (2004). Short cycle time systems development.
Information Systems Journal, 14(3). Retrieved from Business Source Premier database.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Short Cycle Time Development:

When, five years ago, the internet era gained momentum, everything had its presence over the web. Parallel to this development the time for all activities to the internet was compressed. Every related business was accelerated like organizational development, customer relationship management, new product development, market development, etc. Along with this trend was an important and permanent atrend that of short cycle time software development. Since in many industries including software development product life cycles are driven down by innovation in the marketplace, methods of short cycle time production are here to stay. Short cycle time systems development is also associated with organizations which react quickly and flexibly to environmental or market changes. Short cycle time for development has many advantages:
- Reduced delivery time: Time for development and hence time to deliver feature in the hands of customer is reduced
- Waste Elimination: When goal is to get something in the hands of customer as quickly as possible, anything that comes in the way is waste and the process become inefficient. Delivering ...

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The advantages and disadvantages of short cycle development are determined.The expert determines how to mitigate the decisions to outsource.

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