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    Program Evaluation Model Used in Lack-of-Safety Scenario

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    Please help to describe a scenario where program evaluation could be used effectively within an organization. I chose the lack of safety procedures set in place, which includes:
    - Very little training and lack of involvement with OSHA
    - No safety equipment provided by employers, such as back supports
    - Substandard equipment provided for employees such as ladders and rollers that endanger the employees when unloading semi-trucks

    Which program evaluation model would you use? Why?

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    The program evaluation model that I might use would be the Summative Evaluation. This model "is conducted for the purpose of documenting the results of a program" (Wall, 2012, p. 1). The summative evaluation is generally done once the program has been implemented and completed. Specific goals of the program are identified and the evaluation determines ...

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    A discussion regarding a scenario example using lack of safety procedures including little training, lack of involvement from OSHA, no saftey equpiment or substandard equipment and how a program evaluation would be used effectively in this situation. A further discusion on which type of program evaluation model would be used. 202 words, 1 reference.