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Disaster Scenario Planning

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Natural and human made disasters such as hurricanes and workplace violence can disrupt business operations. Is having a plan to have business continuity enough? Or is it also important to practice the scenarios and go through the plan before disaster happens?

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Disaster scenario planning is examined. The expert determines if its important to practice the scenarios and go through the plan before disaster happens.

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Thank you for the opportunity to assist you. As background information and to validate my response, I work for the Department of Homeland Security and have taken many courses through FEMA.


Disaster can strike at any time. It is essential that companies have plans on how to react and how to sustain operations. One way to do this is through the creation and execution of a continuity of operations plan. Having a continuity of operations plan for natural and man-made disasters is essential for a businesses' survival. A company needs to have in place several pieces for the plan to be effective. There should be a continuity of ...

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