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Common causes and special causes

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Please help with the following problem involving business management. Provide at least 100 words in the solution.

Explain the terms 'Common causes' and 'Special causes'?

This entry defines common cause variation and how it affects the natural development of projects. It also discusses what special causes are and explains a few proactive measures that project managers should take to help projects stay on schedule.

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There are clear differences between common and special causes when it comes to managing projects. The real dilemma for project managers is knowing when to intervene, and when to just go with the flow. This entry sheds light on how project managers should handle each one of these phenomenons. The explanation is given in 174 words.

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Problem: Explain the terms 'Common causes' and 'Special causes'?


Every system is subject to a type of problem called "common cause" variation. These types of problems are absolutely normal, and management should do nothing about them. In fact, if a ...

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